Zone 360 Boot Camp – It’s Worth Every Ounce of Sweat

zone-360-boot-camp-njLisa has been coming to Zone 360 boot camp at Ultimate Fit Zone in NJ for many months now.  She works hard when she comes, pushing and sweating through every challenge we present her with.  This past Labor Day weekend,  she realized just how much her hard work is paying off.  In Lisa’s words:

I ran into a guy this weekend that I used to date about 30 years ago.  He took one look at me and said, ‘You look amazing!’.  I thought to myself, every pushup, every sit-up, every squat, every ounce of sweat I poured in Zone 360 boot camp was ALL WORTH IT!!!


Living a healthy and happy lifestyle is rewarding on many levels. You feel healthier and of course, losing weight and gaining lean muscle are just added bonuses! Your posture is better and overall, you have more confidence.  That’s what we teach here at Zone 360 boot camp.  How to lead a happy and healthy life.  You will be stronger, healthier  and in the best shape ever!

Zone 360 boot camp was created by Eddie Albert an avid CrossFit athlete here in Monmouth County.  Zone 360 boot camp combines the best of Cross Training with calorie torching, high intensity boot camp techniques.

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