Weight Loss

Whether you live local or long-distance, our customized weight loss plans can work for you.


James: 40.2 pounds and 11.75 inches

Our custom designed weight loss and whole food meal plans provide all of the necessary components for weight loss success. Our programs work because we address the two main obstacles in losing weight; meal planning and exercise.   Many people say that when it comes to losing weight, they know what they ‘should’ do, but for some reason- they don’t. Our programs will help make you accountable for your weight loss success by providing you with customized meal plans that tell you exactly what to eat and when (real food too!) and the best training programs in

Lauren: 27.2 pounds and 14.25 inches

Lauren: 27.2 pounds and 14.25 inches

Monmouth County – our exclusive boot camp and HIIT programs or one-on-one personal training with the best personal trainers in the industry.

Weight Loss Programs

We offer  different levels of weight loss programs to fit your individual needs.  Please click below to learn more about each:

  • Patty: 30.4 pounds and 23.25 inches

    Patty: 30.4 pounds and 23.25 inches

    14-Day Paleo Cleanse – We use this to prime the body for weight loss, flush toxins out of the system and reduce bloating

  • 28 Day Boot Camp Fat Buster– Have 10 pounds or less to lose? Our 28 day Fat Buster will get them off with intense Cross Training Boot Camp sessions, a customized meal plan and organic protein/weight loss shakes!
  • 28 Day Personal Training Fat Buster– Our same 28 day program but with one-on-one personal training sessions at our sister facility, Ultimate Fitness Training Center, instead of group Boot Camp
  • 90 Day Transformation Challenge – This program is ideal for someone who needs to achieve a drastic transformation of losing 20 pounds or more.
  • Maria_2

    Maria: 15.2 pounds/10.15 inches

    Corporate weight loss challenge – A specially priced 28 day weight loss program for companies or groups of 6 or more

About Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ

We are a cross training facility for men and women in Monmouth County.  Owned and operated by leading fitness expert Eddie Albert, we proudly offer the exclusive ZONE 360 boot camp training program – a comprehensive strength and cardio system that incorporates power and Olympic lifts, plyometrics, cardiovascular training, flexibility, speed and endurance to get you in the best shape of your life.  Our facility is also home to New Jersey’s only TRX boot camp – we take the components of our ZONE 360 boot camp and add in suspension training on the TRX straps.  We guarantee a workout like you’ve never experienced before.

For more information, please call or text 732-428-2111 or fill out the form below and we will respond shortly.

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