Weight Loss Updates: Checking In With Theresa

It’s been a little more than 90 days since our last 90 day weight loss challenge  (Apr-July 2015 challenge) so I wanted to give you guys an update on where our finalists are now.  First up is Theresa- our first place finisher.  You’ll remember that Theresa lost 24 pounds and more than 21 inches during the weight loss challenge. Checking in with Theresa now that it’s 90 days later you can see that she has kept the weight off and is looking stronger than ever!

weight-loss-challenge-momouth-county-njTheresa continues to monitor her her calories and focus on eating foods that help fuel her athletic performance not only at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County but on the hiking trails all over NJ as well.  Theresa is an avid hiker and likes to go on hiking adventures on the weekends.  During the week you can find her at UFZ 5 days a week!  Total commitment to her health and well-being!

Once plagued by super high blood pressure- she is now free of blood pressure medications and doing better than ever.  Like anyone else on their journey to being fit and healthy she has struggled and encountered obstacles and hard times along the way.  But she made the decision to stand by her commitment, fight through the challenges and be the person her family needs her to be.

I asked Theresa if she could give one piece of advice to those trying to lose weight, what would it be?  Here is what Theresa said:

That piece of advise would be “Determination and UFZ” in a nutshell that’s the key… That’s how it happened for me – woke up one morning and said IMA DO THIS (90 Day Challenge) win or win – can’t lose.  I was certain of that!  As long as I participated it was a win either way. So with Eddie’s tough workouts, Holistic Coach Stac and determination I began an amazing journey that I’m still on today:)

Our weight loss programs work because they are real world plans!  No restricting food groups, no starving, no hunger pains.  We teach you real nutrition- how to choose healthy meals and more importantly- how to prepare them yourself.  Our weight loss programs begin with a holistic approach.  How can we use food to better your health, prevent and possibly treat any conditions you may have?  Good nutrition can help high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Crohn’s, colitis, diabetes, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and much more.  When we align you with the right nutrition path to health- weight loss will happen as well. Join us.  You’ll have amazing people by your side.  We are here for your success!