Want to Lose Weight Fast? Try Wishing For A Unicorn Too

weight-loss-plans-monmouth-countyThis is a strange time of year.  Many of us are excited to ‘gorge’ on Thanksgiving while at the same time, we have anxiety about how much weight we will gain.  A simple solution would be to not eat yourself silly on Thanksgiving, or any day of the year, but in America, our society says different.

Eating is a social activity here in the US and eating is also tied to our emotions.  When we’re happy- we celebrate by ‘treating’ ourselves to sinful foods.  When we’re sad- those same foods comfort us.

Being in the health and fitness industry for so long- we’ve seen far too many fads and gimmicks come across our desks.  Not a day goes by when we don’t learn about the ‘fastest way to lose weight’ or the ‘best little pill to lose weight fast’.  You see, time may go on, and many things change, but one thing that doesn’t change- contrary to what many weight loss companies may try to tell you- is weight loss.

Weight loss will never be a ‘get fit fast’ experience.  You don’t gain weight overnight and you can’t lose it overnight either. We know this will upset many of you.  No matter how smart and educated you are- you still want to believe that there will some day be some magical solution to melt away the  pounds and keep them off forever-while you continue to treat yourself with your favorite foods.

You may as well be wishing for a unicorn.  Because it’s not going to happen.  No pill or fad cleanse that promises you can lose 20 pounds in a week will work.  Your body NEEDS food.  Food is not the enemy.  You are your own enemy.  The choices you make, the portions you eat.  Instead of searching for a pill to make you lose weight fast- just look in the mirror.  The answer to your weight loss is staring right back at you.

When you learn to cook healthier meals, make healthier choices and eat sensible portions, you will lose weight.  You will not starve or feel ‘deprived’ because you can still eat foods that you enjoy.  You just have to do so sensibly and sparingly.

All of the nutrition you need is in the foods that are available to you at your local supermarket.  Lean proteins, veggies, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds.  Everything you need is already there.  And it’s not in pill form.  You can cook these elements together, with delicious seasonings, to make tasty meals that you will actually enjoy!  And by eating healthier and consuming less saturated fat and less refined carbs, you can lose weight too!

Customized Weight Loss Plans

Our weight loss plans begin with a comprehensive online medical assessment that will map out your nutritional deficiencies based on your lifestyle, diet, medical history and family health history.  From there, we will gather information from you as far as what you like to eat and when.  We will use this data set to create a meal plan that is centered around your life, your needs, and YES—your likes!

Stop searching for a magical event.  You, reading this right now, are the magic that needs to happen.

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