Leg Day on the TRX Straps

Every Tuesday is legs/core day at Ultimate Fit Zone.  This past Tuesday Zone members completed a tough T 360 training session consisting of leg and core exercises on the TRX straps as well as a series of drills that involved sprinting, shuffling and Tabata abs.

Training on the TRX straps is low impact and easy on the joints.  Using your own body weight and working against gravity, your muscles are trained in a comprehensive manner that develops strength, balance and coordination.  T 360 is designed for all fitness levels.  Because we do sets of exercises in time increments, everyone can work to their own fitness level. For example, for the squat exercises (pictured below, left) everyone had 30 seconds to complete as many squats as they could. And then we repeated that three separate times.  This allows people of all different fitness levels to participate in the class.

Each exercise can also be modified to accommodate anyone with a previous injury to make the exercise more comfortable.  That’s what’s so great about TRX training.  It’s all inclusive to everyone. If you’ve never trained on the TRX straps before you are in for a great workout.  People LOVE TRX because it’s a great way to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle.


Squats and runners in the plan position on the TRX straps.