TRX Boot Camp Madness

Every Tuesday and Thursday at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County we take it to the TRX straps to combine the best of our cross training boot camp exercises with hard core gravity training on the TRX rig.  The result is nothing short of an intense workout that incorporates suspension training, body weight exercises, olympic lifts, plyometrics and other strength training techniques.

TRX is one of the most amazing ways to work the muscle groups in your body like never before.  The combination of the angles coupled with gravity working against you really activates the muscles and engages them in a way you can’t always achieve with regular strength training.  Plus nearly every exercise performed on the TRX straps engages your core- helping you strengthen those vital muscles and trim away at that waist line.

This past Tuesday’s TRX boot camp at our Monmouth County facility incorporated a number of different shoulder and core exercises.  In between sets, we were on the turf for Clean & Jerks, Snatches, wall balls, burpees and high pulls.  It was an intense 45 minute session that had everyone dripping with sweat.

Below are some of the photos/highlights from Tuesday’s session.  If you’ve never tried TRX before, we invite to to experience our T360 complimentary.  Call, text or email for a free training session.  732-428-2111 or