T-360; It’s Boot Camp + TRX Training in Monmouth County

Eddie Albert is the Owner/Operator of Ultimate Fit Zone (UFZ) in Monmouth County and he is also the creator of T-360 – their exclusive boot camp training program that combines gravity training on the TRX straps with Eddie’s own ZONE 360 boot camp workout.  T-360 will take your workout to the next level – using the TRX straps, barbells, your own body weight, kettle bells and different gymnastic lifts to improve your strength, speed, balance and endurance.

You won’t find T-360 at any other gym in Monmouth County. This program was created by Eddie for UFZ members to get them in the best shape of their life.  T-360 is a part of Eddie’s comprehensive Cross Training boot camp, which also consists of ZONE 360- another amazing training program that will challenge you with Olympic lifts, power lift moves, kettle bell training, body weight exercises, plyometrics, gymnastic exercises and more.

Improve your strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and more at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean. NJ.  Our Cross Training boot camp programs are offered 6 days a week.  On Sunday we offer a cardio/strength circuit training program as well as open gym time to practice and perfect your skills in the various lifts and exercises we perform all week long.

Eddie is an avid CrossFit athlete as well as the owner of Ultimate Fit Zone and Ultimate Fitness Training Center in Ocean.  He began his career in fitness at the age of 18 in the body building industry.  He won the title of Mr New Jersey in 1992 and then started his career as a personal trainer.

For more information or to experience ZONE 360 or T-360, call or text 732-428-2111