What Is A Cross Training Boot Camp?

Some training equipment for our Boot Camp.

Some training equipment for our Boot Camp.

What is Cross Training boot camp at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County?   “Cross-training in sports and fitness refers to the combining of exercises to work various parts of the body. Often one particular activity works certain muscle groups, but not others; cross-training aims to eliminate this.” –Wikipedia

When you participate in a cross training boot camp program such as ZONE 360 at Ultimate Fit Zone, you are not training in one particular style (weight lifting, running, high interval, etc), but rather a myriad of different training styles that are constantly varying to improve your fitness level across all planes.

Constantly Varied?

Our programming is different each day, i.e., ‘constantly varied.’  But what does this really mean?  Does this mean we are throwing random workouts together each day just to make you sweat?  NO.

When we say our workouts are constantly varied, we are referring to the intensity level, type of training involved, format of the workout, type of equipment used, energy output required, length of time training, muscles worked, etc.  Our boot camp workouts are written by hand, new, every single morning with a strategic goal in mind; your progress.  We vary our program enough to challenge you and to make it feel random and different,  but in reality, our program is always structured to ensure that each week you are working on and improving your strength, technique in performing certain exercises, short term max energy out put and long term endurance.

We do this with a variety of different exercises and equipment including barbells, dumbbells, boxes, TRX gravity straps, plyometrics, body weight movements, cardio drills, rowing machines, explosive power exercises and more.  The result is a well coordinated cross training program that feels different, but is structured for your success.

Some of the benefits of cross training include

  • improved athletic performance
  • increased strength and muscle tone
  • fat loss
  • increased energy level
  • increased endurance and stamina
  • lower blood pressure


Our ZONE 360 cross training boot camp is directed by long time fitness expert Eddie Albert.  Eddie is the owner of Ultimate Fit Zone as well as our sister facility, Ultimate Fitness Training Center.  He has been in the fitness industry as a former body builder and current personal trainer for more than 25 years.  He is an avid CrossFit athlete and also directs our specialty Olympic Lift program here at UFZ.

Ultimate Fit Zone is located in Monmouth County, NJ at Deal Road and Highway 35.  We are in the Middlebrook Shopping Plaza next to the liquor store.

The Sled Push in Boot Camp

boot-camp-monmouth-countyJanice is seen here demonstrating the sled push. The sled is also called a prowler.  We use this move in Zone 360 Boot Camp to strengthen your core muscles, shoulders, quadriceps and hamstrings. This is also a great move for athletes who want to improve their speed and explosiveness.

Zone 360 is a high interval, multi-dimensional, Cross Training exercise program that concentrates on three primary zones of fitness:

  1. Strength training
  2. Functional movement
  3. Cardiovascular conditioning

Zone 360 Boot Camp utilizes multiple methods of fitness to help you surpass plateaus, reinventing traditional exercise techniques with fresh, dynamic programs.  We draw from a variety of disciplines including weight training, TRX suspension training, body-weight movements, etc, and incorporate them into a vigorous and supremely productive workout. Zone 360 daily challenges are approximately 45 to 50 minutes long and burn anywhere from 450 to 600 calories.


Boot Camp Variety

One of the biggest reasons exercise plans fail is lack of variety.  People get bored of the same workout routine of going to the gym, doing some cardio and lifting some weights.  Also, many people don’t really know what to do when they go to the gym, so when all else fails…walk on the treadmill.  The most successful and efficient way to lose weight fast and keep it off is to combine multiple training methods such as cardio, strength, high intensity interval training, etc.   Not only does this ensure an effective workout that helps burn fat and sculpt lean muscle, the variety will keep you interested.

This is where programs like Zone 360 boot camp in Monmouth County can really help people commit to a long term exercise plan. One where exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, not a dreaded part of your day.

Zone 360 combines cross training with high intensity interval training to create a program that offers cardio benefits, strengthening exercises, flexibility training, speed enhancements, agility and more. The real beauty of the program is that it is customizable for absolutely ANY fitness level.  Yes, ANY fitness level.  Even someone who has NEVER worked out before.  How is this possible?  Easy…read on.

In Zone 360 boot camp, you control how hard or how easy the program is.  You can work on your strength and power by choosing heavier dumbbells or loading up your barbell with more weight.   If you’re a beginner, you’d pick up lighter dumbbells, or start just by learning the exercises with no dumbbells at all.  It’s entirely up to you.  Your Zone coaches are there to help you determine the right weight for you and to push you along as you progressively get stronger to keep the program working for you.

Ultimate Fit Zone offers flexible membership options.  If you commit to your health for 6 months with the program, the monthly membership rate is $99 per month.  You can go month to month with no commitment at all for $125 a month.  We also have punch card options.  The standard per class rate is $15.  Purchase 10 classes and it drops to $12 per class. Purchase 20 classes and it drops to $10 per class.

Ready for more info?  Email us at info@ultimatefitzone.com for more!

Thrusters- The Perfect All in One Exercise

Zone 360 boot camp in NJ is created with the understanding that most human beings want to get the maximum benefit out of their work out.  And, ideally, do less work with more results.  Enter compound exercises- movements that work several muscle groups at once, and include movement around two or more joints.  Zone 360 boot camp in Monmouth County focuses on functional fitness, which refers to exercise that simulates real-life activities and uses a wide variety of movements through a wide range of motion. At the heart of these routines are a variety of compound exercises.

Thrusters are on of our favorite compound exercises because the move utilizes nearly every muscle in the body.  Thrusters combine a front squat with an overhead press, giving new meaning to the concept of the compound, multi- joint exercise.

You can use the thruster to develop strength and power by loading up the bar with heavier weight and doing lower rep. For a great High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, lighten up the load and do higher reps at timed intervals. Either way, you’ll get an amazing total body workout.

 How to Perform The Thruster

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your lower back tightly arched, and the barbell racked on your shoulders with your hands no wider than the outsides of your shoulders.

2. Keeping your head and chest held high, push your hips back and descend into a below-parallel squat.

3. From the bottom position, explode back to the start position as hard as you can, using your momentum to simultaneously press the bar over your head.

4. Finish in a standing position, with the barbell over and slightly behind your head, then smoothly lower it and descend into another squat in one continuous motion.

Important tips to remember:

Drive through your heels – as soon as you come onto your toes, you have nothing to push off against and instantly lose power.

Use your hips and legs to help generate power to get the bar overhead.

Have active shoulders at the top of the lift and don’t leave the bar in front of you when it’s overhead; pull it back slightly over your head.

For Zone 360 boot camp, we usually use a light bar and go for high reps, going through a boot camp challenge for 5 or 6 rounds.  At the end of the challenge, you may end up doing 120-160 thrusters broken up over the several rounds.  Because Zone 360 is completely customizable for each participant, others may choose to load their bar heavier and complete fewer rounds of the challenge.  It’s entirely up to you and your fitness goals.


Will I sweat in this boot camp?

boot-camp-njJackie is visiting NJ from Colorado. Saturday morning she walked into UFZ and said ‘I’m looking to get a REALLY good workout. Will I sweat here???’ Well, after 10 rounds of 10 snatch to overhead squat, 10 box jumps, 10 wall balls, 10 lunge hops and 10 butterfly situps, she was POURING sweat. Welcome to Zone 360 boot camp  Jackie, and yeah…you’ll sweat here!!! She liked it so much she came back for more punishment on Sunday with Bonnie!!

Zone 360 Boot Camp Helped Kelli Lose 20 Pounds and 2 Dress Sizes!

weight-loss-nj-kelliKelli was one of our first members, joining Ultimate Fit Zone shortly after we opened. She was a Zumba girl, but as you will read below, she was open to trying something new.  Remember, in order to achieve something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you never did before.  And Kelli did just that.  She continues to amaze us every week with her strength and perseverance.  Read Kelli’s story in her own words below:

I began UFZ in January and just strictly took the Zumba classes because that’s what I was used to. However, Zumba was canceled so I decided to try Zone 360 Boot Camp. At first I was very intimidated but I stuck with it and am now officially addicted! The Fit Club was an added bonus. Finally, support with eating the right foods! UFZ is a great place. I feel stronger and more fit than ever! My advice is to give it a try!!!! Melissa and Ed are awesome and really are supportive!!! It has been a life changing experience!!!

I am down two dress sizes. I have lost 20lbs and around 15 inches since April. I am toned and feel stronger physically and emotionally. UFZ has become a part of my life and I have met a great group of people who are there to push me and cheer me on.


For more information about Zone 360 Boot Camp and our Fit Club weight loss program, please email us at info@ultimatefitzone.com or call 732-428-2111

Judy Lost 20 lbs and Is Still Losing!

weight-loss-programs-njWe’re so happy for Judy.  She is a Zone 360 Boot Camp athlete and she participated in our Fit Club weight loss program.  Since starting, she has lost 20 lbs and knocked 30 points off her cholesterol!

Read Judy’s story in her own words:

I hadn’t worked out in years !!! I was a member of Eddies other gym (Ultimate Fitness)  a couple of years ago. I called Ed one day looking for some weight loss advice and he recommended I try Zone 360 Boot Camp. I went to a class and I tell you it was the hardest thing I ever did!! However– all the people there were so supportive!!! Another member, Marie, she was encouraging me by calling my name to motivate me (because I was so slow to finish–but I finished!). Eddie and Melissa and Stacey– everyone is so sweet and encouraging of one another.  All of the groups in all the training times slots are the same. You do not have to dress up, you sweat and hurt in places you never knew. And the results with diet plan (Melissa and Eddie provided) are FABULOUS!! I’ve lost 20 lbs + and my cholesterol is down 30 points since the beginning of March. It is a gym that you feel like you are getting a personnel trainer in a group setting. You work at your  own pace until, Ed yells, “Move it JUDY!!!!!!” I am doing stuff I never thought I would and love that my jeans fit again !!!

Zone 360 Boot Camp – It’s Worth Every Ounce of Sweat

zone-360-boot-camp-njLisa has been coming to Zone 360 boot camp at Ultimate Fit Zone in NJ for many months now.  She works hard when she comes, pushing and sweating through every challenge we present her with.  This past Labor Day weekend,  she realized just how much her hard work is paying off.  In Lisa’s words:

I ran into a guy this weekend that I used to date about 30 years ago.  He took one look at me and said, ‘You look amazing!’.  I thought to myself, every pushup, every sit-up, every squat, every ounce of sweat I poured in Zone 360 boot camp was ALL WORTH IT!!!


Living a healthy and happy lifestyle is rewarding on many levels. You feel healthier and of course, losing weight and gaining lean muscle are just added bonuses! Your posture is better and overall, you have more confidence.  That’s what we teach here at Zone 360 boot camp.  How to lead a happy and healthy life.  You will be stronger, healthier  and in the best shape ever!

Zone 360 boot camp was created by Eddie Albert an avid CrossFit athlete here in Monmouth County.  Zone 360 boot camp combines the best of Cross Training with calorie torching, high intensity boot camp techniques.

To try a free class, fill out the form to the right!


Boot Camp for All Ages


Wayne masters the box jump!

We’ve said it time and time again, Zone 360 boot camp, as challenging as it is, is scalable for all ages, all fitness levels.  Someone who proves that day in and day out is UFZ member Wayne Russin.  He comes to UFZ several times a week, participating in many of the different programs we offer including Zone 360 boot camp and HEAT group fitness.  Wayne is over 60 and look at him fly high during a box jump.  When he first joined UFZ he could not box jump. He started by stepping up onto the box, then he progressed to jumping onto a smaller box, until he worked his way up to a full box jump on a standard box.  It’s pretty incredible what the body can achieve when the mind believes.  Wayne believes, and to achieve, he puts his energy into becoming a better athlete.

With support from his Zone coaches and fellow Zone members, Wayne has been able to accomplish athletic feats that he never even dreamed of when he was younger.  You can either use your age as a limitation, or use it as an excuse to work even harder, to prove to yourself and everyone else that you will NOT be held back.  At UFZ, the only limitations that exist are the ones you put on yourself.

Congrats Wayne on all of your accomplishments thus far and many more to come!

Zone 360 Coach Invited To Lead Fitness Routine at Popular Automotive Conference

Eddie Albert, Owner, Zone 360 & T 360 Coach

Eddie Albert, Owner, Zone 360 & T 360 Coach

Edward Albert, Co-Founder of Ultimate Fit Zone and Zone 360 boot camp coach, was selected by First Class Educators to lead the morning fitness component of the 2013 Automotive Boot Camp in PA.  Attendees of the popular automotive conference will kick start each morning with a custom boot camp workout designed by Edward.  The fitness portion of the event is sponsored by Higher Gear.

Carrie Hemphill, Managing Director, First Class Educators is quoted, “In order to take full advantage of the abundance of information being shared at the boot camp, dealer professionals will need to come energized and in their best state of mind.  The morning fitness component of our conference is designed to do just that.”

The morning workout sessions with Edward Albert will start at 6:30 am and are designed for people of all fitness levels.  He encourages all who are registered for the Boot Camp to start the day with movement. “Movement encourages circulation of the blood which in turn creates energy,” he says.  “After our morning fitness routine, you will feel invigorated, energized and motivated.”

Albert, along with his partner Melissa Saul, are the creators of the popular Zone 360 boot camp workout at Ultimate Fit Zone.  The boot camp was developed to target every muscle in the body through a variety of training principals including interval training, strength training, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance and balance.

Zone 360 is the only boot camp in Monmouth County to combine elements of CrossTraining fitness with boot camp drills and stations.  The nonstop action torches calories, builds lean muscles, sculpts and defines every inch of your body and gets you into the best mental and physical shape of your life.