Regina’s Weight Loss Success

weight-loss-monmouth-county-reginaRegina started her training and weight loss program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County in February of 2015.  She had been trying to lose weight on her own but was having some trouble.  After an initial assessment of her current diet, estimated basal metabolic rate and activity level, we redesigned a new meal plan for Regina to try to help jumpstart those stubborn pounds.  She started on our 28 Day Weight Loss Program, which we appropriately call the ‘Fat Buster’, and she has been doing great every since!

Regina never gave up although at times she was frustrated.  She stayed positive, continued to eat healthy and come to ZONE 360 boot camp training several days a week.  The results are what you see before you today.  Regina has shed about 25 pounds since starting our journey and she has become a more fit, toned, stronger and healthier version of herself.

We are so proud of Regina and all of the hard work she has put forth to better her own health.