Summer Weight Loss Challenge Announced

weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyThe next weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ will lead right up into the 4th of July weekend of the summer!  We had amazing results from our 2014 weight loss challenge, with our winner shedding more than 12 inches from  head to toe!  We are excited to announce our next weight loss challenge will kick off Monday April 6th and will run for 90 days.

This year’s challenge will add even more added value for participants now that Ultimate Fit Zone boasts their own Holistic Nutritionist, Stacey Albert, on staff that will be available for participants around the clock. Plus each participant can schedule a complimentary consultation with Stacey each month during the challenge to help them stay on track.

weight-loss-challenge-njThe weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone is NOT an extreme diet with deprivation and starvation.  We stress a healthy, whole foods meal plan that includes lean protein, fruits, veggies, healthy fat and yes, CARBS.  Participants will lose weight the healthy way while learning how to portion and prepare meals that are healthy and balanced.

Our whole foods meal plan steers away from the traditional Western diet full of processed and refined foods, chemicals, additives, artificial flavor, color, etc.  Stacey will also be helping participants enjoy their meals by providing them with simple, easy to follow recipes that produce meals the whole family will enjoy.  Our program has been tested over and over again, and the results are that IT WORKS!  Our clients LOVE what they are eating, they feel great weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyand they look great.  And THAT is how weight loss and healthy living should be.

If you would like to work with Stacey and the personal trainers at Ultimate Fit Zone to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, please fill out the contact form to the right and we will contact you.  You can find complete information about the weight loss challenge by clicking HERE.


Judy Lost 20 lbs and Is Still Losing!

weight-loss-programs-njWe’re so happy for Judy.  She is a Zone 360 Boot Camp athlete and she participated in our Fit Club weight loss program.  Since starting, she has lost 20 lbs and knocked 30 points off her cholesterol!

Read Judy’s story in her own words:

I hadn’t worked out in years !!! I was a member of Eddies other gym (Ultimate Fitness)  a couple of years ago. I called Ed one day looking for some weight loss advice and he recommended I try Zone 360 Boot Camp. I went to a class and I tell you it was the hardest thing I ever did!! However– all the people there were so supportive!!! Another member, Marie, she was encouraging me by calling my name to motivate me (because I was so slow to finish–but I finished!). Eddie and Melissa and Stacey– everyone is so sweet and encouraging of one another.  All of the groups in all the training times slots are the same. You do not have to dress up, you sweat and hurt in places you never knew. And the results with diet plan (Melissa and Eddie provided) are FABULOUS!! I’ve lost 20 lbs + and my cholesterol is down 30 points since the beginning of March. It is a gym that you feel like you are getting a personnel trainer in a group setting. You work at your  own pace until, Ed yells, “Move it JUDY!!!!!!” I am doing stuff I never thought I would and love that my jeans fit again !!!