Boot Camp for All Ages


Wayne masters the box jump!

We’ve said it time and time again, Zone 360 boot camp, as challenging as it is, is scalable for all ages, all fitness levels.  Someone who proves that day in and day out is UFZ member Wayne Russin.  He comes to UFZ several times a week, participating in many of the different programs we offer including Zone 360 boot camp and HEAT group fitness.  Wayne is over 60 and look at him fly high during a box jump.  When he first joined UFZ he could not box jump. He started by stepping up onto the box, then he progressed to jumping onto a smaller box, until he worked his way up to a full box jump on a standard box.  It’s pretty incredible what the body can achieve when the mind believes.  Wayne believes, and to achieve, he puts his energy into becoming a better athlete.

With support from his Zone coaches and fellow Zone members, Wayne has been able to accomplish athletic feats that he never even dreamed of when he was younger.  You can either use your age as a limitation, or use it as an excuse to work even harder, to prove to yourself and everyone else that you will NOT be held back.  At UFZ, the only limitations that exist are the ones you put on yourself.

Congrats Wayne on all of your accomplishments thus far and many more to come!