The Most Challenging TRX Class at the Jersey Shore

T 360- our own unique fusion of TRX training + our popular ZONE 360 cross training program – is one of the most unique and challenging TRX classes at the Jersey Shore. Each workout consists of suspension training on the TRX straps combined with the pillars of our cross training program which include strength, power, cardio/respiratory endurance, speed, coordination and agility.

Moving from TRX exercises which maximize core and body weight movements to barbells, kettle bells, and cardio exercises is really the ultimate test of your fitness capability.  But don’t worry- we welcome ALL fitness levels from beginners up!

For those of you unfamiliar with TRX training, the program was born in the Navy SEALs, to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The exercises leverage gravity and your own body weight to complete exercises.


T 360 Boot Camp (TRX) – Monmouth County

trx-ocean-njWant to take your fitness routine to the next level?  Try our explosive T 360 boot camp classes that combine suspension training on the TRX straps with intervals of intense cardio and body weight exercises.  This is TRX like you’ve never experienced it before!

Our TRX based T 360 class consists of 3 components: TRX, metabolic conditioning , high intensity interval training using compound movements.  This unique TRX class at our Monmouth County facility will torch calories, carve out lean muscle and get you in the best cardio shape of your life!

Ultimate Fit Zone is located in Ocean, at the corner of Route 35 South and Deal Road.  We are a short drive from Eatontown, Long Branch, Tinton Falls, Red Bank and Little Silver.  If you are ready to kick up the intensity of your workout, come experience our TRX based T 360 group training sessions.

For more information on T 360 or Zone 360 boot camp workouts call us at 732-428-2111



TRX Suspension Training: Working the Core

The Monmouth County TRX strap hangers gave it all they had the other night, working their core with some killer suspension planks.  The strap hangers used medicine balls and even stability balls to tone, tighten and trim their waist lines.  TRX suspension training uses the force of gravity and your own body weight to sculpt lean, defined muscles.  Even those who lift the heaviest of weights find suspension training very challenging because it works your muscles in a way they are not used to being worked. Our TRX suspension trainers create classes for all fitness levels so don’t be afraid to join in on the fun! For questions, call us at 732-428-2111

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