New Morning Boot Camp Classes Added

They say the early bird gets the worm, well, if you come early to one of our Boot Camp training sessions at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, I don’t know if you’ll get a worm – maybe an inch worm though!

We have added two new ZONE 360 boot camp classes to our boot camp class schedule. Starting October 2nd, we will have 7am boot camps on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So we now have 7am training times Monday-Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday are typically the days for our T 360 program (TRX + Boot Camp), but by popular request, we are making the 7am time slot ZONE 360.

Owner and lead personal trainer, Eddie Albert, will be leading the 7am boot camp training sessions.

Here are some photos of our ZONE 360 boot camp in action:

Perfect Your Olympic Lifts And Increase Your MAX PR

best-personal-trainer-njEddie is now offering one-on-one or small group Olympic Lift training by appointment.  This is for anyone who wants to perfect their olympic lift technique and improve their max personal records.

Eddie will review proper form, technique and tips for various olympic lifts (of your choice if you are setting a one-on-one personal training appointment with him) and help you achieve greater personal records.

This training is excellent for cross trainers and CrossFit athletes alike.  Sports athletes will also find it very beneficial to learn the proper form and technique for different exercises.  This will help all athletes improve their performance and reach higher goals.

A little about Eddie:

Eddie is from Monmouth County, NJ where he began his career in bodybuilding and fitness in the late 1980s.  He started as bodybuilder, competed and won the title of Mr. New Jersey before putting his own ambitions on the side to help others. He is actively involved in CrossFit, continues to be a personal trainer and coach for individuals of all fitness levels including athletes at all different stages in their athletic career.

Eddie’s expertise in body building, personal training and CrossFit training makes him one of the most sought out personal trainers in New Jersey.

Eddie is the owner of Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County, as well as the owner of Ultimate Fit Zone and creator of ZONE 360 boot camp, a cross training fitness program that combines his expertise in the above mentioned training regimens.