Regina’s Weight Loss Success

weight-loss-monmouth-county-reginaRegina started her training and weight loss program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County in February of 2015.  She had been trying to lose weight on her own but was having some trouble.  After an initial assessment of her current diet, estimated basal metabolic rate and activity level, we redesigned a new meal plan for Regina to try to help jumpstart those stubborn pounds.  She started on our 28 Day Weight Loss Program, which we appropriately call the ‘Fat Buster’, and she has been doing great every since!

Regina never gave up although at times she was frustrated.  She stayed positive, continued to eat healthy and come to ZONE 360 boot camp training several days a week.  The results are what you see before you today.  Regina has shed about 25 pounds since starting our journey and she has become a more fit, toned, stronger and healthier version of herself.

We are so proud of Regina and all of the hard work she has put forth to better her own health.

Beginner Boot Camp Fitness Classes

beginner-boot-camp-fitness-monmouth-countyStarting a new fitness program can be intimidating, but it’s especially daunting when you don’t have that much experience under your belt.  At Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, we understand that.  Instead of offering ‘Beginner Boot Camp’ classes that only take place on certain days or times and don’t mesh with your schedule, instead we give you your own personal coach during our regularly scheduled boot camp sessions to guide you and support you through your first few workouts.  In addition to having your own personal coach, we also hold workshops every Sunday where we invite ALL members to learn more about the exercises we do, how to perform them with proper form and in general just get more comfortable with the equipment and workouts we do on a daily basis.

Beginners are welcome to join in any class with us.  A personal coach will attend the training sessions with you to ensure you understand the workout, the exercises  involved and how to modify the workout to your level so you don’t overdo it or injure yourself.

Our goal is not to have people come to boot camp and feel like they got ‘crushed’ by the workout or get nauseous or hurt.  We want beginners to come in and get a taste of each workout until they build up the strength and stamina to do more and more each time.  That’s why we will guide you step-by-step along the way until you are ready to ‘fly on your own’.

Don’t let your fears prevent you from becoming the athlete you’ve always dreamed of being.  With our help and your determination- there is absolutely NOTHING you can not do.

Ready to give it a try?  Fill out our contact form on the right or just give us a call at 732-428-2111.  Stacey, your personal beginner coach will get back to you ASAP!

The Women Rule The Barbell in ZONE 360 Boot Camp

It doesn’t happen often, but the other night we ended up with an all-female boot camp training session at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  The women ruled the barbells, tackling push presses and high pulls in between core strength training at the TRX straps.

Perfect Your Olympic Lifts And Increase Your MAX PR

best-personal-trainer-njEddie is now offering one-on-one or small group Olympic Lift training by appointment.  This is for anyone who wants to perfect their olympic lift technique and improve their max personal records.

Eddie will review proper form, technique and tips for various olympic lifts (of your choice if you are setting a one-on-one personal training appointment with him) and help you achieve greater personal records.

This training is excellent for cross trainers and CrossFit athletes alike.  Sports athletes will also find it very beneficial to learn the proper form and technique for different exercises.  This will help all athletes improve their performance and reach higher goals.

A little about Eddie:

Eddie is from Monmouth County, NJ where he began his career in bodybuilding and fitness in the late 1980s.  He started as bodybuilder, competed and won the title of Mr. New Jersey before putting his own ambitions on the side to help others. He is actively involved in CrossFit, continues to be a personal trainer and coach for individuals of all fitness levels including athletes at all different stages in their athletic career.

Eddie’s expertise in body building, personal training and CrossFit training makes him one of the most sought out personal trainers in New Jersey.

Eddie is the owner of Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County, as well as the owner of Ultimate Fit Zone and creator of ZONE 360 boot camp, a cross training fitness program that combines his expertise in the above mentioned training regimens.


Which Diet Is Right For Me?

With so many diets out there to choose from (Paleo, Vegan, No Carb, High Fat, The Grapefruit diet, The Skinny Bitch Diet, Mediterranean…..etc etc) people often as us which diet would be best for them.  Their is no real short answer for that question because their is no one size fits all diet.

We tend to not tell people to prescribe to any ONE particular diet. Instead, the simplest solution is to make healthier choices, reduce your portion sizes, eat small meals frequently and make sure you get enough protein and fiber.  Probably not the answer you were looking for but it’s the truth.

The problem with many of these main stream ‘diets’ is that they don’t work great long term.  Even Paleo, and we’ll explain why.

The Problem With Paleo

We absolutely love the Paleo diet since it stresses the elimination of processed foods, a leading cause for chronic illness in our country.  We also like the emphasis on choosing fresh, organic foods.  The Paleo diet allows you to eat more fat than an average diet since it eliminates carbohydrates and legumes.  The idea is that your body will use the fat for energy instead of the carbs.  While this is true, we find that most people who do the Paleo diet long term do not succeed in losing weight.  Key word here, *most. Not all people.  There are plenty of athletes who do phenomenally well with the Paleo diet and are in excellent shape. BUT- most people end up having a hard time completely eliminating carbs.  What happens then is that they increase their fat intake and don’t completely eliminate the carbohydrates, making it difficult for them to lose weight.

We love the Paleo diet as a 14 or 21 day cleanse. It eliminated toxins in the body, hormones and sodium which can result in weight loss and a significant decrease in bloating.  At Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, we offer a great 14-day Paleo Cleanse for anyone interesting in jumpstarting their weight loss and cleaning out their body.

Going Vegan?

Going vegan has become a huge trend in Hollywood with celebrities like Samuel Jackson, Beyonce, Jay Z and now even Jennifer Lopez announcing their adoption (or temporary adoption) of the vegan diet. Vegan food is not only delicious but it’s incredibly nutritious.  Plus it gives our bodies plenty of plant based nutrients which we all need more of. If you are going to go vegan, you most likely will not get enough protein to keep your body fit and lean.  Listen carefully to what we are saying – it IS possible to get plenty of protein on a vegan diet. There are hundreds of bodybuilders and professional athletes who are vegan and get more than enough protein.  The problem with most people though is that they won’t take the time needed to ensure their vegan diet contains enough protein to help them lose weight, stay fit and healthy.  Many vegans I know are struggling with their weight because they simply replace meat or other animal products with simple carbohydrates.  That is not a healthy eating plan.  You have to research, find the best sources of vegan protein, and make sure they are incorporated into your every day diet.


This is perhaps one of our favorite diets because it emphasizes modest amounts of all things good; meat, fish, poultry, nuts, healthy oils, grains, vegetables, fruits and even cheese.  The best of all worlds.  Things can go wrong however, if you indulge in too many of the good fats.    You know the saying, ‘you can never have too much of a good thing’? Well- that’s not so true.  While nuts and certain oils contain good, heart healthy fats, they are very high in calories and if you don’t balance them into your diet carefully along with reduced complex carbohydrates, you could end up packing on the pounds instead of taking them off.


If you want to lose weight, unfortunately there is no magic pill in a bottle.  Eating healthy, fresh foods and increasing your protein intake (whether it be meat or vegan forms of protein) is the best way to shed pounds and keep them off. We typically recommend people do three things when they come to use to lose weight:

1. Increase protein intake

2. Increase water intake

3. Increase meal frequency


If you would like help losing weight and getting on a new eating plan that you can make a part of your lifestyle, take a look at our customized weight loss programs.


Outdoor Boot Camp Fun!

outdoor-boot-camp-monmouth-county-njThe great thing about our Cross Training boot camp is that it can be done anywhere- indoors our outside. When the weather gets warmer in Monmouth County, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on our running skills.   Running improves our cardiovascular endurance, which is necessary in all facets of life- especially in cross training.

Improving our cardio and stamina helps us perform better not only in the gym but in many areas of life. How often do you hear parents saying that their kids run them ragged? Or that people want to lose weight so they can play with their children and grandchildren.

nj-outdoor-bootcampLife takes energy- we need oxygen for energy.  When our heart is pumping strong and healthy, it is able to delivery ample amounts of oxygen to our vital organs which helps them function at maximum capacity.   Cardio training helps to make our hearts stronger so that it can effectively deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to all of our vital organs.

We are looking forward to a great spring and summer full of outdoor boot camp fun here in Monmouth County.

If you’re not a member but would like to experience what our boot camp program is all about, please call or text us at 732-428-2111 and we will set you up with a complimentary training session.

Nikki Kills A 100lb Thruster!

cross-training-boot-camp-njEveryone starts somewhere.  When Nikki first came to our Cross Training boot camp in NJ she was using a 50# barbell for most of her workouts.  Then one day during a workout that had a snatch station,  she picked up the bigger barbell, it was 65#.  She snatched it right up above her head- no effort at all.  Everyone was impressed, she was surprised at how easy she lifted it up.  At that point she started to get the idea that she was really much stronger than she thought.

Days turned into weeks and gradually Nikki was getting up the nerve to test her strength.  She went from using the 26# kettle bell all the way up to swinging the 50#kb.  But she wasn’t stopping there.  Her barbell exercises (snatch, clean, thruster) moved up to 75# until just this week when she upped her weight again and hit a 100# thruster for Monday’s WOD.

We’re all thrilled with her progress.  And it’s not about how much weight you lift- it’s about how hard you try, and that’s what makes her story so great.  It’s the effort she puts in to better herself and to push herself to be the person she wants to become.  No one can reach their goals without effort.

TRX Plus Boot Camp = T360

A few shots from tonight’s T360 training.  T360 combines TRX suspension training with our popular ZONE 360 cross training boot camp.  Tonight we did alternated between the TRX straps and the turf, completing times rounds of upper body and core exercises on the straps with barbell, dumbbell, and kettle bell work on the turf.

We did TRX ‘Ws’, ‘shoot the arrow’, ‘v-ups’, and ‘super mans’ and in between hit the turf for deadlifts, renegade rows, sit-up-to-stand box jumps, and kettle bell swings.

If you’ve ever done CrossFit, you’ll be familiar with a lot of these exercises.  Adding in gravity training on the TRX trains your muscles in a whole new way, and really activates the core.


Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training boot camp facility in Monmouth County.  We offer our exclusive ZONE 360 boot camp, T 360 boot camp, HEAT and Plyoga training programs.


Boot Camp Variety

One of the biggest reasons exercise plans fail is lack of variety.  People get bored of the same workout routine of going to the gym, doing some cardio and lifting some weights.  Also, many people don’t really know what to do when they go to the gym, so when all else fails…walk on the treadmill.  The most successful and efficient way to lose weight fast and keep it off is to combine multiple training methods such as cardio, strength, high intensity interval training, etc.   Not only does this ensure an effective workout that helps burn fat and sculpt lean muscle, the variety will keep you interested.

This is where programs like Zone 360 boot camp in Monmouth County can really help people commit to a long term exercise plan. One where exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, not a dreaded part of your day.

Zone 360 combines cross training with high intensity interval training to create a program that offers cardio benefits, strengthening exercises, flexibility training, speed enhancements, agility and more. The real beauty of the program is that it is customizable for absolutely ANY fitness level.  Yes, ANY fitness level.  Even someone who has NEVER worked out before.  How is this possible?  Easy…read on.

In Zone 360 boot camp, you control how hard or how easy the program is.  You can work on your strength and power by choosing heavier dumbbells or loading up your barbell with more weight.   If you’re a beginner, you’d pick up lighter dumbbells, or start just by learning the exercises with no dumbbells at all.  It’s entirely up to you.  Your Zone coaches are there to help you determine the right weight for you and to push you along as you progressively get stronger to keep the program working for you.

Ultimate Fit Zone offers flexible membership options.  If you commit to your health for 6 months with the program, the monthly membership rate is $99 per month.  You can go month to month with no commitment at all for $125 a month.  We also have punch card options.  The standard per class rate is $15.  Purchase 10 classes and it drops to $12 per class. Purchase 20 classes and it drops to $10 per class.

Ready for more info?  Email us at for more!