Amanda’s Weight Loss Success Story

In January of 2015, Amanda walked into Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County for a free trial class.  She weighed 242 pounds.  She had not worked out in quite some time.  Her weight caused her quite a bit of knee and back pain.  Her first workout with us was rough.  Although we scaled it down to meet her beginner level status, carrying all of that extra weight made it really difficult for her to move and perform the exercises.

She really battled her way through that first workout and we have to admit, we did NOT think we would see her back again because it was so difficult for her.  Much to our surprise, she sent us an email the next day saying she was going to join!  Since that day, she has busted her butt to get through the rigorous workouts.  After a few months she also started making small changes to her diet.  Weight started to melt off with all of her hard work.  Then in September of that year she decided to participate in our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

For the next 90 days Amanda continued to work hard in her cross training sessions with us and she followed a meal plan provided to her by our nutritionist. More weight continued to melt off.  Now, it’s one full year since Amanda started working out with us and she has blasted away 55 pounds!  Her knee and back pain has greatly decreased.  She is strong, fit, fierce and very capable of doing all of the exercises we do in our cross training program.  She has simply blown us away with her dedication and her humbleness.

Here is a progression of Amanda’s weight loss journey at our Monmouth County gym.


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