Kids Fitness Program in Monmouth County

kidsfitnessmonmouthcountyCheck out the fun obstacle course set up for the kids fitness program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County!  Various obstacles such as floor ladders, mini trampolines, and sprinting drills help develop a child’s speed, agility, coordination and endurance.  Ultimate Kids Zone takes the basic principals of the facilities popular Zone 360 boot camp for adults, and applies them to younger fitness fans.  Their unique approach teaches Kids Zone participants not only how to perform exercises, but also how to support and encourage one another in a team environment.

Each Zone session presents kids with a challenge to complete.  Kids do not race each other, but rather perform at their own pace, with the support of our Kids Zone coaches and fellow teammates, to complete the challenge to the best of their ability.

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Kids Hit The Turf At UFZ

Even the kids are getting in on the TRX action at UFZ.  Here Gino leads the kids through some body weight exercises, speed, agility and suspension training.  For more information on our kids fitness program call 732-428-2111