New Kettle Bell Class!

A new kettle bell cardio and conditioning class is coming to Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County! This 30 minute Kettle Bell class will bring the heat with intense cardio and strength exercises. Choose your weight, we’ll teach you the exercises. Guided exercises will integrate kettle bell, body weight and cardio favorites. Prepare to swing, squat, press, run, row, and more. Modifications are always available for injuries, ailments, etc.

The kettle bell class at our Monmouth County cross training gym is part of our full suite of strength and conditioning workouts that include cross training, circuit training, HIIT and now, dedicated kettle bell workouts.

Kettle bell workouts can build strength, melt fat and sculpt lean, strong muscles. For the best results, combine your kettle bell workouts with a tailored meal plan from our Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Kettle Bell Class Schedule Monmouth County

To see our full training schedule and for class descriptions, please visit our Cross Training workout schedule page.

Ultimate Fit Zone is a Cross Training gym in Ocean, NJ owned by husband and wife team, Eddie and Stacey Albert. Eddie is a long time and highly experienced personal trainer, former body builder and cross training enthusiast. Stacey is a Certified CrossFit L1 Trainer as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Together the duo offer customized meal plans for weight loss, muscle gain, health and more as well as constantly varied and challenging workouts.

For more information, text Stacey at 732 – 757 – 7944.