The Women Rule The Barbell in ZONE 360 Boot Camp

It doesn’t happen often, but the other night we ended up with an all-female boot camp training session at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  The women ruled the barbells, tackling push presses and high pulls in between core strength training at the TRX straps.

My Best ‘Worst’ Workout

I had my best ‘worst’ workout tonight.  And even as I type this- I’m completely exhausted.  I felt pretty good all day.  A few sore spots on my body from the last few workouts that I’ve done but nothing that really stuck out to me.  I went to do the 5:30 boot camp and felt ready to tackle the challenge.   It was a high rep workout so I didn’t go too heavy- but still took decent sized weights that I knew (or at least thought) I could manage based on previous workouts.

I made it past the push-ups without problem but as soon as I got to the thrusters that’s when it all fell apart.  All of a sudden I felt soreness in many parts of my body that didn’t feel sore to me that day.  My shoulders were killing me, quads here and even hamstrings were tight.  I also just felt tired. It was hard for me to get the weight up and I wasn’t even squatting to parallel- not typical for me.

boot-camp-fitness-njRight away I knew I was going to have a real hard time. I pretty much felt exhausted.  As I continued to struggled through my reps I contemplated quitting or dropping to lighter weights. It was a 25 minute AMRAP and I knew I would not get many rounds at all with the pace I was going.  I was pretty disappointed.  I decided to stick with my current weights and just slow my pace up. I was going to take it real slow, nice and easy, throughout the 25 minutes.  I didn’t even mark my rounds on my dry erase board, I knew I wouldn’t get many at all.  I set myself a goal to at least get 3 rounds in, which was manageable. Others were doing 5 or 6 rounds.

Even though I had made up my mind about how to handle the AMRAP- I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  Did I feel like I quit or gave up?  Or did I feel as though I was making the right decision for my body.  There are always times when we feel a little tired and feel like giving up.  And pushing through is what makes us stronger.  But there are also times when our body is legitimately tired and needs to rest.  Becoming a stronger, faster and better athlete means understanding the difference between needing to push harder and needing to rest.

Rest is an integral part of our developments as Cross Training athletes.  Without rest, muscles can not repair themselves to function at their optimum capability.  They (and you) need rest and recovery time. Resting allows your body to repair damaged tissue and replenish energy.  And there is also something to be said about the metal aspect of resting. It feels good mentally to know I am allowing my body to recover from the stress of training I put it through.

So today I waived the white flag and surrendered to my body.  Even though it was one of my worst workouts as far as performance goes- it was the best thing I could have done for my body.


Outdoor Boot Camp Fun!

outdoor-boot-camp-monmouth-county-njThe great thing about our Cross Training boot camp is that it can be done anywhere- indoors our outside. When the weather gets warmer in Monmouth County, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on our running skills.   Running improves our cardiovascular endurance, which is necessary in all facets of life- especially in cross training.

Improving our cardio and stamina helps us perform better not only in the gym but in many areas of life. How often do you hear parents saying that their kids run them ragged? Or that people want to lose weight so they can play with their children and grandchildren.

nj-outdoor-bootcampLife takes energy- we need oxygen for energy.  When our heart is pumping strong and healthy, it is able to delivery ample amounts of oxygen to our vital organs which helps them function at maximum capacity.   Cardio training helps to make our hearts stronger so that it can effectively deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to all of our vital organs.

We are looking forward to a great spring and summer full of outdoor boot camp fun here in Monmouth County.

If you’re not a member but would like to experience what our boot camp program is all about, please call or text us at 732-428-2111 and we will set you up with a complimentary training session.

Tips to Improve Your Box Jump

Boot Camp Training in Monmouth County – Box Jumps

The box jump is a staple exercise in our cross training boot camp.  In any given week, you’ll find them in a number of our boot camp training sessions.  Box jumps are a great cardiovascular workout, they help increase your explosive power and can improve certain olympic lifts.

Even though the idea of a box jump may sound simple – jumping from the floor to the top of the box, just like any exercise, your form is key in mastering this move.

Below are a few tips for performing this exercise with the proper form.

1) Don’t stand too far from the box- you will end up sacrificing height for distance (i.e. box bite)

2) Keep feet close together, about hip width apart or less

3) Keep your head, neck and back in a straight line- don’t look down. use your eyes, not your head, to confirm your target

4) To gain momentum, dip into a half squat and use your arms to propel you up

5) When it comes to the landing- you don’t want to ‘stick it’. You should try to land as soft as possible

6) Never land in a full squat- that will put pressure on your knees and spine

7) Upon landing- stand up to a full flexion of the hip- that is how to complete the jump

About Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County

We are a true cross training facility featuring 3,ooo sf of truing space, 25 yards of real turf, two rigs from Rogue Fitness, more than a dozen medicine balls from Dynamax, a giant selection of kettle bells ranging from 18 pounds to 70 pounds, barbells for men and women, an enormous stack of plates, boxes, giant tires, a full dumbbell rack, ropes, sledge hammers, rowers, jump ropes, squat and press stands, and plenty, plenty more..

The cornerstone of Ultimate Fit Zone is our original Zone 360 boot camp workout, a unique, Cross Training boot camp system.

Nikki Kills A 100lb Thruster!

cross-training-boot-camp-njEveryone starts somewhere.  When Nikki first came to our Cross Training boot camp in NJ she was using a 50# barbell for most of her workouts.  Then one day during a workout that had a snatch station,  she picked up the bigger barbell, it was 65#.  She snatched it right up above her head- no effort at all.  Everyone was impressed, she was surprised at how easy she lifted it up.  At that point she started to get the idea that she was really much stronger than she thought.

Days turned into weeks and gradually Nikki was getting up the nerve to test her strength.  She went from using the 26# kettle bell all the way up to swinging the 50#kb.  But she wasn’t stopping there.  Her barbell exercises (snatch, clean, thruster) moved up to 75# until just this week when she upped her weight again and hit a 100# thruster for Monday’s WOD.

We’re all thrilled with her progress.  And it’s not about how much weight you lift- it’s about how hard you try, and that’s what makes her story so great.  It’s the effort she puts in to better herself and to push herself to be the person she wants to become.  No one can reach their goals without effort.