TRX + Boot Camp = T 360

What do you get when you combine strength training on the TRX straps with dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight exercises used in Zone 360 Cross Training Boot Camp?  T 360!  An exclusive training boot camp only available at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ.  T 360 incorporates several rounds of suspension training alternating with various weight training movements and body weight exercises that are used in Boot Camp.  The result is a calorie torching, fat melting and muscle sculpting workout that will shape every muscle in your body.

The beauty of T 360 and ALL of our programs including Zone 360, CrossFit, HEAT and more, is that they are completely scalable to ANY fitness level. In fact, members at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean, NJ range in age from their mid-twenties all the way up to mid-sixties.

If you are looking for a fun, supportive and challenging boot camp in NJ, come check out our two programs; Zone 360 Boot Camp and T 360.

Below are some photos of T 360 in action.  Thanks to Melissa for being our model for the pictures! The photos show how you would alternate between exercises on the TRX straps and body weight/barbell exercises on the turf.