Student Boot Camp Memberships For Summer

Monmouth County students home from college can take advantage of our student boot camp membership options.  No contract and just $99 a month with valid student ID gives you unlimited training at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean (corner of Highway 35 South and Deal Road).

Our Cross Training fitness program offers a diverse training schedule with new workouts daily.  Our schedule consists of our popular ZONE 360 Boot Camp, developed by Eddie Albert to be a mix of cross training and constantly varied workouts with a mix of strength, speed, cardio, agility, plyometrics and more.  We also offer T360 two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday.  T360 is a combination of gravity training on the TRX straps and our ZONE 360 boot camp.

Cardio junkies can take things to the  next level every Thursday night and Sunday morning with HEAT, instructed by Bonnie Cioppa.  A mix of boot camp exercises like burpees, wall balls and squats set to fast paced music and paired with light weight/high repetition strength training.  Wednesday and Saturday Bonnie teaches Plyoga- a fast paced high energy plyometrics class with Yoga poses as active recovery.

For more info about our student memberships, please call or text Stacey at 732-428-2111.