Speed and Strength Training for Athletes

olympic-lifting-njMonmouth Regional High School football player Matt Orrico trains with Eddie Albert, owner of Ultimate Fit Zone and long time fitness expert to increase his strength and explosive power as well as improve his speed, balance and coordination.  The Olympic Lifting program at the Monmouth County cross training facility has attracted a number of athletes of all different sports that are looking for different ways increase their skills.

The strength and speed program incorporates a few different training methods that include Power and Olympic lifting, plyometrics, gymnastic moves and others to hone in on an athletes ability to maximize their power and skills on the field, court and ice.

Incorporating Olympic lifting into an athlete’s training program helps to improve their dynamic mobility, an excellent way to increase an athlete’s range of motion and increase sporting proficiency.  The program prepares athletes for a wide range of random movements, similar to what they could potentially face during a game.

Benefits Of Olympic Lifts:

  • Teaches how to explode
  • Teaches how to apply force
  • Teaches to accelerate
  • Teaches how to catch or receive a force
  • Similar to movements found on the athletic fields
  • Ground based and multi-joint movements
  • A high level of proprioception is required
  • Fast moving speeds that address the athlete’s power needs.

For more info or to enroll, give us a call or text at 732-428-2111