Practice Makes Progress

Do we ever really reach a point in our fitness endeavors where we could say ‘perfect’?  We don’t think so.  Instead, we think of it more as a constant evolution of our progress, constantly bettering and perfecting our passion for health and fitness.

This past week we’ve seen lots of progress at Ultimate Fit Zone.  The ladies are really stepping up their game, challenging themselves at the bar and the results are paying off!

Carrie upped her thrusters from 30# to 50#,  Janet went from 65# to 75# and Nikki really knocked our socks off doing Monday’s leg workout with 100# thrusters.  Surprisingly- she CAN walk today.

Everything we do at UFZ is to better ourselves.  To constantly make progress.  We never really achieve perfection because once we tackle one fitness goal- we are always off to tackle another one. And that’s part of the glory of fitness. There’s no end in site.  It’s a journey that keeps evolving as we do- twisting and turning along the way.

We are really proud of everyone who has been coming and giving it 100% effort. There are more names to mention and more milestones to recognize- so don’t think we forgot about you if you weren’t mentioned above.

Keep working, keep trying, keep pushing.  And most important of all, never give up.