plyoga-monmouth-countyWhat do you get when you combine the super fast, explosive movements of Plyometrics with the strengthening, lengthening and flexible movements of Yoga?  PLYOGA.

Plyoga at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean, NJ is the perfect marriage between plyometrics and yoga.  The result is a well-rounded fitness program that fuses the benefits of two very different techniques into one.

Plyometrics plays a key role in increasing strength, power, endurance, quick muscle response, and overall cardiovascular health. Yoga is used by every well rounded athlete to improve their core strength, flexibility, and mental fitness capacity. Additionally, Plyoga incorporates the balancing and relaxation movements of yoga to obtain active recovery, symmetry and peace.

What Can You Expect from Plyoga?

  • Increased cardiovascular strength and endurance.
  • Dramatic improvements in muscular power, durability, agility, and flexibility.
  • Increased body and breath awareness.
  • Increased core strength and balance.
  • A healthier metabolism from a focused and smart fitness routine.

As with all program at Ultimate Fit Zone, we can scale each workout to your individual fitness level.  We encourage all members to participate in Plyoga each week to be better in tune with your body.  Plyoga is for everyone–even if you have never taken yoga or plyometrics before.

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Remember, ALL workouts can be scaled to your fitness level.  Your Plyoga coach will take the time to ensure you are working out to your fullest potential, at the level you feel most comfortable with.  Call or text us your questions! 732-428-2111 or send an email to

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