Plyoga is here!

We are thrilled to introduce Plyoga at Ultimate Fit Zone!  Plyoga combines the explosive movements of plyometrics with the lengthening and strengthening poses of Yoga.  Don’t be mistaken though when you here the word ‘yoga’, there won’t be any time to take deep slow breaths, meditate or say your ‘Ohms’.  This fast paced class will have you dripping sweat, panting for air and completely addicted to the adrenaline rush!

The one and only Bonnie Cioppa, our famed HIIT instructor, takes this class to the next level with her intense energy, her passion for fitness and her all around fun attitude.  You will love this class and you will love working with Bonnie to reach your health and wellness goals.  Come try Plyoga free! Fill out the form below or give us a call at 732-428-2111.

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