Ladies- Get Shredded Shoulders With Lateral Raises

I absolutely love working on my shoulders.  Building up the lean muscle tissue completely helps shape my arms and the definition looks amazing in a skinny summer tank. I love isolated strength work with dumbbells, like the work we do in our Interval Training boot camp (IT 360) at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County. It really helps add definition to my arms and legs and is a great compliment to the cross training work we do on the other days.

One of my favorite shoulder building exercises is the lateral dumbbell raise.  I like this because number one- anyone can do this exercise at home or in a gym.  Even if you don’t own dumbbells- you can work with soup cans, soda bottles…anything that adds resistance. You don’t need a lot of weight for laterals- trust me even with light weight you will be feeling the burn after just a few reps.

To perform the movement stand straight with your shoulders back, core tight.  Your feet should have some distance between them.  About hip width apart.  Start with your hands down at your sides. With elbows slightly bent, slowly lift your arms until they are parallel to the floor. Return to starting position.  Don’t forget to breathe!  With your hands at your sides, take a deep breath in.  As you raise the dumbbells, exhale.  Lower to starting position, inhale and repeat.

How to perform the lateral raise

Stacey Albert is a nutritionist based in Monmouth County and a former personal trainer.  Her husband, a sought out personal trainer and fitness expert, co-owns Ultimate Fit Zone with her.  The NJ based gym offers a cross training and interval training boot camp as well as weight loss programs and meal plans.