Next Power and Olympic Lift Workshop at UFZ

Our first Power and Olympic Lifting workshop was a great success and we are excited to announce the date of our next class.

During our first Power and Olympic Lifting workshop, we covered the deadlift and the clean & jerk.  For our next class, Eddie and Chris will teach you the principles of the front squat and the thruster.

Each workshop helps you understand the techniques and skills needed to master the lifts covered.  Additionally, Eddie and Chris will take you through a series of lifts to help you find your one rep max.  Participants learn how to incorporate each lift into a regular training routine to build power and strength.

The Front Squat & Thruster workshop will be held on Saturday 2/22 at 11:30am and 1:00pm.  Click here to register.


Eddie Albert and Chris Marzarella will lead the Power and Olympic lifting workshops