Nikki Kills A 100lb Thruster!

cross-training-boot-camp-njEveryone starts somewhere.  When Nikki first came to our Cross Training boot camp in NJ she was using a 50# barbell for most of her workouts.  Then one day during a workout that had a snatch station,  she picked up the bigger barbell, it was 65#.  She snatched it right up above her head- no effort at all.  Everyone was impressed, she was surprised at how easy she lifted it up.  At that point she started to get the idea that she was really much stronger than she thought.

Days turned into weeks and gradually Nikki was getting up the nerve to test her strength.  She went from using the 26# kettle bell all the way up to swinging the 50#kb.  But she wasn’t stopping there.  Her barbell exercises (snatch, clean, thruster) moved up to 75# until just this week when she upped her weight again and hit a 100# thruster for Monday’s WOD.

We’re all thrilled with her progress.  And it’s not about how much weight you lift- it’s about how hard you try, and that’s what makes her story so great.  It’s the effort she puts in to better herself and to push herself to be the person she wants to become.  No one can reach their goals without effort.