Monmouth County Circuit Boot Camp Gets High Intensity Echo Bike

IT 360 is the high intensity circuit boot camp fitness program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  Participants of the widely popular training program tough their way through high intensity exercises such as battle ropes, sled pushing, kettle bell swings and now, Rogue’s famous Echo Bike.

The Echo Bike by Rogue, also known as a ‘fan bike’ delivers a no impact workout, making it usable by almost anyone. Because users have to engage their upper and lower body, this exercise machine can work nearly every muscle in your body, effectively, in a short amount of time.

Boot camp fitness programs are known for their high intensity workouts, burning the maximum amount of calories in the minimum amount of time.  Although people say workouts can be ‘brutal,’ it’s the quickly seen results that helps the Monmouth County gym develop a cult following of fitness fanatics.

Training programs that include high and low intensity exercises in one workout have been hailed as the best fat burners and best way to lose weight overall.  Ultimate Fit Zone’s unique fitness boot camps, coupled with their nutrition focused weight loss programs, have yielded unparalleled amounts of weight loss success.

The small group training promotes camaraderie and a community-like feel, unlike a polarizing effect at some gyms where members are unsure of which exercises to do, how to do them properly and how to use equipment.  At UFZ, trainers monitor, guide and coach every workout so clients are always under a watchful eye.

IT 360 Boot Camp Fitness in Monmouth County