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boot-camp-monmouth-countyUltimate Fit Zone in Ocean NJ is home to the original Zone 360 cross training boot camp program, developed by UFZ owner, CrossFit athlete and personal trainer, Eddie Albert.  Zone 360 boot camp is one of the most challenging cross training workouts you will experience, but the program can be tailored to ALL (yes ALL) fitness levels.  In fact, the age range in many of our boot camps ranges from mid twenties to mid sixties


Zone 360 is a high interval, multi-dimensional, cross training exercise program that concentrates on three primary zones of fitness:

1. Strength training

2. Functional movement

3. Cardiovascular conditioning


Zone 360 utilizes multiple methods of fitness training to help you surpass plateaus, reinventing traditional exercise techniques with fresh, dynamic programs.

You will be trained in kettle bell training, Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, speed, endurance, rowing, running, jumping rope and more.

We draw from a variety of disciplines including weight training, TRX suspension training, body-weight movements, etc, and incorporate them into a vigorous and supremely productive workout. Zone 360 boot camp workouts are approximately 45 to 50 minutes long and burn anywhere from 500 calories and up.

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Created by CrossFit Athletes

The programming for Zone 360 is created and directed by Eddie Albert, a CrossFit athlete and long time professional in the fitness industry. Eddie started his career as a body builder, won the Mr New Jersey title and has been personal training for about 20 years. He is also the owner and director of training at Ultimate Fitness, our sister facility just a few doors down in the same shopping plaza.

Zone training groups are small, with about 5-9 people per class, to keep individual attention and focus on each member.  UFZ members get the benefit of working out with Eddie, a highly experienced personal trainer, in a group setting that promotes a spirited competitiveness, motivation and support from Zone community members.



Who Should Take Zone 360?

Anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular health, gain strength, speed and stamina, increase their flexibility while looking and most importantly, feeling the best they have ever felt. You don’t have to ‘get in shape’ to start taking boot camp.  Come in as you are- you have to start somewhere.  We will work with you at your own level to ensure your progress at a rate that is comfortable for you.  It
may be difficult, but you will get better every day.

Below are some testimonials from UFZ members: (all testimonials can be found on our Facebook page)

Holy moly!!! My arms are fried from this morning. Great class!– Janet B.

trx-njT360 this morning was freaking awesome,thnx Eddie you are the best of the best. – Maria V

I took both TRX and Z360 – all I can say is they were freakin’ awesome! I’m still sore from Saturday. Great instructors and personalized attention, love it!  You all rock! –Dencey S

I looked like I sat in a steam room for an hour after I was done with Zone 360 at Ultimate Fit Zone!!! -Alison K

I had the best time this morning! We all kicked ass! – Jacquie B

We got a notorious ass kicking this morning! Thanks guys!! See you tomorrow! – Lisa R

nj-outdoor-bootcampEach day Ultimate Fit Zone provides a different workout, designed to train your whole body to function in the way it was intended. The human body performs a wide variety of movement activities including walking, running, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, climbing and lunging.  Zone 360 will help better prepare you for every day activities.  As one of our members recalled, “When I became a grandmother of twins my daughter couldn’t believe that I could carry BOTH car seats…one in each arm.  Zone 360 has given me the strength to do things I never thought possible. If I can do this, anyone can!”

You can expect a wide variety of cardio, resistance, and flexibility training designed to train your body to perform at its best. You will be challenged, but never asked to do more than you can safely do. You may be surprised at what you are capable of doing! Our focus is not only on physical fitness training, but rather on strengthening the mind, body and soul!


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***Our boot camp training facility is located in Ocean and serves surrounding towns such as Neptune, Eatontown, Oakhurst, Deal, Elberon, Long Branch, West Long Branch, Tinton Falls, Red Bank and more.