Meet Stacey

Stacey is a CrossFit L1 coach and certified Holistic Nutritionist at UFZ in Monmouth County. She owns the gym with her husband, Eddie. Together, the pair are a fitness powerhouse combining their years of fitness which includes for Eddie body building, figure and physique training and personal training and for Stacey, CrossFit, personal training, pilates and nutrition.

Stacey is passionate about health and fitness and holistic nutrition. She creates custom meal plans and diet programs for clients that are results oriented and diverse in whole foods and interesting recipes. Her passion for cross training is evident in the gym. She will be your most enthusiastic fan, coach and teacher while helping you with your nutrition so you can be your very best.


If you have goals and dreams, Stacey will be by your side to help you achieve them.

Text Stacey to talk about starting your health and fitness journey, 732-757-7944.