Mastering the Dead Lift!

This week we had quite a few milestones at Ultimate Fit Zone.  Maria mastered the dead lift with a little bit of help from Coach Melissa, and Melissa herself pulled off a 1 rep max dead lift of 195 lbs!

The dead lift is an excellent exercise for women, when done properly, to work the glutes, hams and quads.  The movement is so comprehensive though that it also targets other muscles including your back, abs, obliques, forearms, calves and more. Many women shy away from the dead lift, and rightfully so.  Without the proper training and coaching for form, the dead lift can result in serious injury.  But when done correctly, this is one of our favorite moves at UFZ for sculpting the glutes and legs.

To join our training team, call Coach Melissa for more information.  We have a variety of group training for ALL ages and fitness levels.

Check out Melissa’s 195 lb dead lift video!!

Maria Masters The Dead Lift!

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