Kids Boot Camp Fitness Program Starts March 12

Ultimate Kids Zone, a 5 week kids fitness program in Monmouth County begins March 12th at Ultimate Fit Zone.  The 5 week program encouraged kids ages 9 and up (age range is flexible) to develop speed, endurance, coordination and agility.  Additionally, kids develop leadership and teamwork skills.

Before the kids fitness program begins, each child will meet individually with our Kids Zone coach for an overall fitness assessment.  A few benchmark tests will be performed at that time (sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc) to determine their fitness level.  Parents are encouraged to come to provide additional information for each child.  During the next 4 weeks, Kids Zone participants will work on improving their bench mark scores with a series of drills, exercises and fitness protocols.  For the 5th week, each child will come back to meet one-on-one once again with their coach to re-do the bench mark drills and see where they have improved.

Cost per child is $79 for the 5 week program. Siblings of any child enrolled may join at a reduced rate of $59.

For more information, please visit our kids fitness page.