Kettlebell cardio and conditioning class at UFZ in Monmouth County!

This half hour workout is designed to burn maximum calories in a short amount of time. This high powered workout uses the power of the kettlebell to torch calories, burn fat and sculpt lean muscle, in just about 30 minutes. Unlike traditional circuit boot camp style classes, our kettlebell class at UFZ gym in Monmouth County has very little rest time. Kettlebell rotations take participants through various HIIT workouts, lasting from 8-10 minutes, before any rest is given. Once we take a small rest, we gear up again for the next 8-10 minute kettlebell workout. We’ll complete three of them before class is over.

Our kettlebell are designed for any fitness level, as our coaches guide you and teach you new exercises as well as modifications to accommodate your individual fitness needs.

Kettlebell Class Monmouth County

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