Zone 360 Boot Camp Helped Kelli Lose 20 Pounds and 2 Dress Sizes!

weight-loss-nj-kelliKelli was one of our first members, joining Ultimate Fit Zone shortly after we opened. She was a Zumba girl, but as you will read below, she was open to trying something new.  Remember, in order to achieve something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you never did before.  And Kelli did just that.  She continues to amaze us every week with her strength and perseverance.  Read Kelli’s story in her own words below:

I began UFZ in January and just strictly took the Zumba classes because that’s what I was used to. However, Zumba was canceled so I decided to try Zone 360 Boot Camp. At first I was very intimidated but I stuck with it and am now officially addicted! The Fit Club was an added bonus. Finally, support with eating the right foods! UFZ is a great place. I feel stronger and more fit than ever! My advice is to give it a try!!!! Melissa and Ed are awesome and really are supportive!!! It has been a life changing experience!!!

I am down two dress sizes. I have lost 20lbs and around 15 inches since April. I am toned and feel stronger physically and emotionally. UFZ has become a part of my life and I have met a great group of people who are there to push me and cheer me on.


For more information about Zone 360 Boot Camp and our Fit Club weight loss program, please email us at or call 732-428-2111