The Jersey Shore’s Best Boot Camp Workouts

Boot camp workouts in Monmouth County can be punishing, but they produce results. High intensity training helps fitness fanatics burn more calories, torch fat and sculpt lean muscle tissue.  With so many different boot camp gyms in Monmouth County though, how does one choose?

Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean Township makes it easy to decide which type of boot camp to try by offering TWO!  The Jersey Shore’s hallmark boot camp gym was opened in 2012 by sought out NJ fitness expert, Eddie Albert.  He combined his passions of personal training, high intensity interval training, CrossFit and boxing to create two unique boot camp programs that cater to everyone’s individual needs.  Both programs can be tailored to suit any fitness level and the gym offers excellent beginner programs for those new to fitness.

ZONE 360 is their Cross Training program that was born out of Eddie’s passion for CrossFit.  Ditching the heavy weights though, ZONE combines lighter weight olympic lifts with body weight movements, cardio and other fun exercises that challenge participants through longer, more endurance challenging workouts.

For those not interested in working with barbells, IT 360 is their circuit style Interval Training boot camp where everyone battles through up to 18 different exercises, circuit style, within one workout.  The format combines high and low intensity circuits including TRX exercises, isolated dumbbell strength exercises, kettle bells, cardio exercises including the Rogue Echo bike, Concept2 rowing machine, jumping rope and more in one pulse pounding workout.

In addition to their training programs, the Monmouth County boot camp gym offers Nutrition focused weight loss programs, led by their Certified Holistic Nutritionist.  During these programs clients can follow customized meal plans, participate in training at the gym and get one-on-on support from their nutritionist.

This success oriented combination of fitness training plus nutrition is why this boot camp gym is so popular and yields the most weight loss success stories.

Weight Loss Programs in Monmouth County

Our weight loss programs combine calorie torching boot camp workouts with real world nutrition programs for long term weight loss success.  Our trainers will guide you through cross training and interval training fitness programs while our nutritionist tailors meal plans to your liking.  We don’t eliminate food groups or give you bland recipes.  Our program is created so people can learn how to make delicious, healthy meals and also learn appropriate portion sizes.

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