How to Improve Your Box Jump

fitness-boot-camp-monmouth-countyFrom its name, it probably sounds pretty straight forward.  There’s a box, you jump in it.  Jump down and do it again.  While this is true, there are techniques and tips you can use to help improve your box jump in terms of stamina and explosive power.

Many of us think as the box jump as starting on the ground, in front of the box, jumping up onto it, jumping back down onto the ground and then setting yourself up to jump again.  While this works, this isn’t the most efficient way to approach the jump.

Your explosive power to jump onto the box comes when you are on the ground. You bend your hips and push off the ground.  It takes energy for you to create this power.  When you jump down and ‘stick’ your landing, you have to re-generate power by pushing off the ground again to get yourself back up.  This can burn energy and stamina.

The best way to approach your box jump is to do think of the movement in the reverse. Start on top of the box, jump down, don’t ‘stick’ the landing, just land softly and use that momentum that is already there to propel you back up onto the box.  Your rest should be on the box at the top, not on the ground.  When you stick your landing and rest, you lose the momentum and power that is already there waiting to propel you back up.  Rest at the top, jump down, land softly and use the power to jump back up onto the box.