How and Why To Give Up Dairy

How And Why to Give Up Dairy 
Eddie and I gave up dairy milk years ago  Truthfully I don’t remember the exact reason why we switched, but it was when I was getting deeper into nutrition and whole foods. The switch was easy for us.  We dropped dairy milk and picked up almond milk instead.  That was the start of it.

Over the years an onslaught of information has come out regarding dairy milk and its harmful effect.  It seems like every day there are more and more medical and scientific studies coming out in favor of giving up dairy.  Below are just a few of the documented effects that researchers believe are caused by dairy.  The full article can be found online.

1. Increased risk of prostate cancer
2. Higher ovarian cancer risk
3. Higher rates of Multiple Sclerosis across populations with high consumption of dairy
4. Dairy protein has been shown to increase IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) levels. Increased levels of IGF-1 has now been implicated in several cancers
5. Higher milk intake linked to acne

Now that you’ve learned some of the reasons why you should give up dairy, the next step is learning how to give up dairy.  Fortunately, it’s pretty simple.  Dairy free is becoming a mainstream movement now that much of the population is aware of dairy’s harmful effects.  With that realization came hundreds of companies producing dairy free items like cheese, mayo, ice cream, yogurt, ‘milk’, etc.

The first step is to ditch dairy milk and find a non dairy milk you like. I use unsweetened almond milk but there is also coconut milk, creamy cashew milk, rice milk, hemp milk, etc.  It may take some getting used to, but trust me the health benefits are well worth it.

Dairy free (vegan) cheese are made by many companies.  My favorite are Daiya and Follow Your Heart.  Dairy free ice cream, yogurt and mayo can be found by companies like So Delicious and Tofutti.

I recommend trying the Daiya vegan ‘cheese’ shreds in mozzarella or cheddar and the So Delicious dairy free coconut yogurt. So Delicious makes great coconut milk ice cream in many flavors.   Most supermarkets have all of these items.  If not, check your local health food store.

If you have questions about going dairy free, please feel free to email me.