Kettle Bell Front Squats – Why Work One Muscle When You Can Work 3 or 4?

One of the reasons why people love our HIIT boot camp gym in Monmouth County is because we incorporate a lot of compound exercises into our workouts, like the kettle bell front squat.  In most gyms, you’ll find people performing isolation exercises.  So what’s the difference?

A compound exercise involves multiple joints and more than one muscle group. Isolation exercises are exercises that isolate a single muscle group only such as the tricep or bicep.   Because compound exercises uses more muscle groups at ones, they create the greatest change in body composition in the shortest time.

The squat is one of the single most effective compound exercises for lower body development (notice we said ONE of the…there are others but the squat is excellent). Squats target your thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes in particular, helping you to shape and define these areas. Because balance is necessary, squats can also engage your core.   When you add to that the weight of a kettle bell on one arm, you open up the exercises to working both lower and upper body muscle groups. The one arm kettle bell squat also increases your calories burned by using multiple muscle groups. So if your goal is weight loss or fat loss- you’ll want to add compound movements into your daily routine.

By resting the kettle bell on the ‘V’ that is formed when you hold the kettle bell handle in your fist up to your collar bone, you are also engaging your core (your obliques have to work hard to prevent you from falling over to the side bearing the weight) and your shoulder which is helping to hold the kettle bell up so it doesn’t pull you over.  So in addition to shaping your glutes and thighs, adding in the one arm kettle bell transforms this lower body exercise into an upper AND lower body workout.

Kettle Bell Front Squat

Our cross training boot camp in Monmouth County offers workouts that use both compound and isolation exercises.  Our ZONE 360 boot camp is where you’ll find HIIT workouts that incorporate compound exercises with barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, etc.  Our IT 360 HIIT circuit boot camp is where we isolate muscle groups more intensely.  The result is a comprehensive workout that burns major calories, sculpts lean muscle, greatly increases your endurance and ups your stamina.

Athletes, runners and cyclists will love the boost these workouts offer them and anyone wanting to lose weight will see that this is the best way possible. Multiple studies show that boot camp workouts are the best way to lose weight.

In addition to helping you through tough workouts, our nutritionist is on staff to ensure you’re following up your calorie burning sessions with foods that will fuel your weight loss and give you energy all day long.

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