Gary Gresko

GaryGresko-NJPersonalTrainerIs it inevitable?  The diminished strength, endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility that comes with aging?  No, it is definitely not inevitable, according to personal trainer, Gary Gresko.

Gary has over 50 years experience as a personal trainer.  Many of those years he spent offering one-on-one training to those he felt needed it most- the aging population.

Through a variety of different training techniques, all aimed at accommodating anyone whose body may not bend or move like it once did, Gary helps his clients slowly regain strength, increase flexibility, improve coordination and balance and shed unwanted pounds in the process.

“Using my profession as a fitness trainer & nutritionist enables me to inspire our senior population,” Gary says. “When we reach 70, too many of us feel the aging process has become overwhelming. I am living proof that it does not have to be that way. There is nothing “extraordinary” about my background, just an average guy. But, when it came to diet, exercise, & lifestyle, I was fortunate, & did everything right. So, I KNOW I can help YOU!”

Gary Gresko is a personal trainer offering private or group personal training sessions in the Ultimate Fit Zone facility in Monmouth County.  His program, Core Excellence, can help you achieve a healthier, more fit lifestyle at any age.

Prices for personal training sessions with Gary:

  • 1 Hour Personal Training Session: $65
  • Buy 10 upfront: $55 per session (you save $100)
  • 1/2 Hour Personal Training Session: $45
  • Buy 10 upfront: $35 per session (you save $100)

What to Expect:

• No gym membership necessary
• Half hour and 1 hour workouts available
• Unique body weight exercises
• One-on-one or buddy program (10% discount on buddy programs- must be of similar fitness levels)
• Minimum of 2xs a week to obtain goal 
• Warm up before/stretch after  
• Program consists of using minimal equipment
• No machines
• No heavy lifting
• Customized based on ability and fitness level 
• Convenient Monmouth County, NJ location
Learn to control your own body weight. This minimizes the risk of injury. 

More from Gary:

CORE Excellence is not only a passion of mine but a lifestyle. Practicing for over 60 years, I have spent the majority of that time experimenting and educating myself in the areas of fitness and nutrition. As a role model, I am confident I can develop a program suitable for you to obtain your goals. It will be structured and personalized to build you up to the person you strive to be. I have cheated father time out of 20-years and you can too.

Though it may not be an easy path, you can achieve the goal of health and being fit. My plan is to cultivate your mindset and establish a program that exhibits confidence in your approach towards obtaining a healthy and fit body. As you have had success in other aspects of your life, you can with this as well. You will reach a level of fitness that will change your life forever!



Gary G. Gresko

  • Cell 732-720-3051