Fundamentals of Our Boot Camp

There are many different boot camps in Monmouth County but none like ours. Ultimate Fit Zone at the Jersey Shore offers a true cross training experience covering 5 fundamentals of fitness:

  • cardio/respiratory endurance
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • power
  • speed
  • coordination
  • balance

Combining these fundamentals of fitness throughout our weekly workout routines ensures a thorough and varied workout each and every time.  We seldom do duplicate workouts, with the exception of benchmarking our progress.  This means that each and every day you walk into our Monmouth County gym you’ll be doing a new, fresh workout.  We write our workouts on our own.  We do not rely on other institutions or companies to create programming for us.  Eddie, our founder and director of training has 30 years in the fitness industry starting as a body builder, continuing as a personal trainer and presently an active CrossFit athlete.   His lengthy and diverse background is what makes our programming unique and results oriented.

Our training and weight loss programs have been tremendously successful.  Don’t take our word for it though, read our reviews on Yelp (more Yelp reviews here)  and Google and see what others have to say!

The hallmark of Ultimate Fit Zone is our ZONE 360 cross training program.  We use all of the fundamentals of fitness listed above to give you a high intensity, varied workout.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer T 360- this is a combination of TRX training plus our ZONE 360 program.  The TRX suspension straps add a unique, gravity inspired element to your fitness program that can’t be achieved through barbells, kettle bells, etc.  This is a great opportunity to incorporate TRX into your weekly routine and not many other gyms in Monmouth County offer it.

For those of you that love HIIT, try our HEAT training with Bonnie.  Heat combines high intensity exercises with light weights and high reps and lots of cardio/body weight movements.

All of these programs are include if you are a client of Ultimate Fit Zone. NO contracts required and we have an excellent beginner’s program.  All levels are welcome.  Text Stacey to come try your first training session free.  732 757 7944.