Meet Eddie


Eddie began his career as a Body Builder in the late 80s.

Eddie is a long time fitness expert with a diverse and well rounded background in personal training, body building, CrossFit, metabolic conditioning, speed, power, flexibility, weight loss and more.  His career started in the late 80s with the sport of bodybuilding.  After competing and winning the title of Mr. New Jersey, Eddie turned his focus to helping others achieve their own health, fitness and wellness goals.  After many years of personal training, Eddie became the owner of Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym located a few doors down from UFZ in Monmouth County.  When he’s not directing ZONE 360 boot camp training sessions, you can usually find Eddie at the gym, working with his personal training clients.  In recent years Eddie has become widely recognized for his work helping those with Parkinson’s Disease maintain and regain strength, coordination and balance with specialized functional and strength training.

Eddie is an avid CrossFit athlete. He combines his personal training and body building experience with his love for CrossFit to create the ZONE 360 boot camp programming.  The boot camp is a true cross training workout that provides participants with the most varied workout.  Every day is a new workout at ZONE.  The daily challenge is always different and includes a variety of different training crossfitoverheadsquattechniques including TRX suspension training, traditional dumbbell work, metabolic conditioning with burpees, box jumps and wall balls, power lifting moves like the dead lift, overhead squat, snatch, clean and more.

Eddie is described as a highly motivating trainer who will silence that voice in your head that says ‘you can’t.’  With his support and your determination, there is absolutely NOTHING you can’t do when you step inside UFZ.


Eddie Albert, Owner, Zone 360 & T 360 Coach

For more information call our facility at 732-428-2111 or text 732-757-7944.