If you want to get stronger overall; deadlift

Our cross training boot camp in Monmouth County focuses as much on strength as it does cardio, endurance and speed.  To do any type of sport in life, you have to have a strong foundation.  A strong foundation aids in injury prevention, performance and accuracy.  Strong legs, back and core muscles are key to injury-free sports performances.

One of the best exercises around to strengthen your legs and entire core is the deadlift.  The deadlift will strengthen the entire back and all surrounding muscles.  Core strength supports the body in almost everything we do- even sitting at our desks, driving a car, lifting groceries out of a car or lifting any object off the ground.  With a strong core you can do more every day tasks with greater ease and less risk of injury.  If you don’t care about any of those things- let us appeal to your vanity.  The deadlift will build an amazing ass and great legs on any guy or girl.

In a cross training setting like our ZONE 360 boot camp program, the deadlift is a must since it is a precursor to many of the other lifts we will do.  In order to get your barbell of the ground to do a clean and jerk, it starts with a deadlift.  Even a snatch will start with the basic movements of a deadlift in terms of back position, neutral spine, neutral head, pressing through the heels, etc.  So you really want to learn the proficiencies of this lift to enhance your technique and capabilities to do others.

For guys and girls, the deadlift is going to strengthen nearly every muscle in your body from your back down to your toes. Even your grip strength will improve.  This exercise is also superior at strengthening the lower back and reducing low back pain due to weak muscles.  Deadlifting strengthens the spinal erector muscles which is key to reducing back pain.

If you’d like to learn the deadlift or improve your technique, you can work with one of our personal trainers in Monmouth County or participate in our cross training boot camp program.

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