Strength & Cardio Cross Training Boot Camp

Are you thinking of hiring a Monmouth County personal trainer to get you in shape?  When you join Ultimate Fit Zone, you get the two best personal trainers in Monmouth County to write custom workouts for you- 7 days a week!

Eddie Albert owns Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean and directs all ZONE 360 and T-360 boot camp programs as well as the special Power and Olympic lifting sessions. Bonnie Cioppa directs all HIIT training which includes HEAT and Plyoga.

Some pictures below of our cross training boot camp in action this Wednesday.  We did a strength and cardio WOD that included renegade rows, ball slams, wall balls, rowing, hollow rocks, burpees, thrusters, more rowing… get the idea.

Here are some pictures of our cross trainers in action.