Couples Challenge

***Next Couples Weight Loss Challenge Start Date= Monday, 2/1/16***

It’s the couples/team version of our 28 Day Fat Buster weight loss program!  Grab your spouse, friend, co-worker or anyone you know and get ready for 28 days of work!  You’ll be working out with our amazing team of personal trainer coaches for 28 days of high intensity cross training/boot camp workouts at our Monmouth Gym.  PLUS you’ll be working with our nutritionist and will receive our 28 day thermogenic, fat burning meal plan.

We’re giving you everything you need to succeed- all you have to do is sign up!

The program starts with official weigh-ins and measurements at our gym, Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ.  You’ll meet the coaches and our nutritionist.  All beginner level athletes will have a beginner coach accompany you to workouts to show you how to scale the workout to an appropriate beginner level so you get an amazing workout for your personal fitness level.  Couples/teams do not have to work out at the same time together.  We have a full schedule of  cross training boot camp classes for you.

The team that loses the most weight (combined between the two people) wins a cash prize as well as gift certificates to various businesses/services (please check with us as to what the prizes are as they vary based on when each program runs).

Couples Weight Loss Challenge Pricing

Here is how the pricing works.  If you are already a full time member of UFZ (full time member= you are on automated monthly billing) the cost for you to participate is $20.  So if two full time members participate together on the same team, the cost is $40 for the team.

If you and your partner are not members of UFZ, the program cost for the first person is $199 and your teammate/partner gets 50% off and pays $99.  So $298 for the team (both non members)- or $149 each.

If your partner is a full time member of UFZ but YOU are not- you get 50% off the UFZ full time member rate, which is $125. So with your 50% off you would pay just $62.50.

Register Now!

We are closing out registration on Wednesday 1/27/16. Please contact us asap for more info. You can text Stacey at 732-757-7944 or send us an email to