Circuit Training Boot Camp- Best For Weight Loss

Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County says their new Interval and Circuit training boot camp class is one of the best exercise programs for weight loss.  The 30 minute class takes participants through high intensity circuits of exercises with brief periods of rest in between.

Interval training has been shown to burn more calories than traditional workouts.  The cycles of highs and lows can also burn more body fat in less time.

At UFZ in Monmouth County, the interval training boot camp class, changes format and exercises every time members come to workout, keeping the workout fresh and exciting. Personal Trainer Eddie Albert writes all of the programming himself, keeping things laser focused to his clientele and the audience they serve.  Eddie writes up a mix of dumbbell, kettle bell, and body weight exercises at the different circuits as well as cardio stations that may include jumping rope, rowing, running and more.

The result is an intense cardio session that also focuses on building strength and lean muscle.  Because participants can use any weight that challenges THEM and go at their own speed, the IT 360 interval training boot camp class is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

Interval Training Boot Camp Class in Action

Monmouth County Cross Training Gym

Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training gym located in Ocean Township.  Their hallmark program, ZONE 360, was created by Eddie and inspired by his love of the sport of CrossFit.  He enjoys the fusion of Olympic lifts with gymnastics, plyometrics and traditional strength training exercises.  His program at UFZ DE-emphasizes using heavy weights for the program and keeps the focus on using weights that are challenging but still allow the individual to perform movements with proper form and execution. UFZ is not a CrossFit gym and is not affiliated in anyway with CrossFit Inc.

Results Oriented Weight Loss Programs Available

The gym in Monmouth County is run by both Eddie and his wife Stacey, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.  Together, they have created some of the most successful weight loss programs that involve Eddie’s dynamic exercise programs and Stacey’s nutrition-based weight loss meal plans that teach people about the health aspects of all food groups and how to incorporate them into our daily lives.


For more information or to try a free class, send an email to the gym or text 732-757-7944.