Brand New Weight Loss Program!

This September we are kicking off a brand new weight loss program! A 3 week jump start package combining one-on-one personal training with our intense group training sessions, spin AND a super-fit meal plan from our Certified Nutritionist.

Summer is over, the kids are going back to school! It’s time to put yourself back on your own ‘to do list’.

Our 3 Week Jump Start Weight Loss package includes: 

  • 2 x 30 min personal training sessions per week for 3 weeks at Ultimate Fitness
  • 2 group training sessions per week for 3 weeks at Ultimate Fit Zone
  • 1 spin class a week at Ultimate Fitness
  • Our popular 21-day cleansing meal plan with recipes. Includes our homemade detox tea recipe and 7-day vegan cleanse!

Working with our personal trainers at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County, you’ll get the benefit of one-on-one training to give you that extra push in the gym.  Plus- you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in two group cross training sessions at Ultimate Fit Zone.   During your group training sessions you’ll work with barbells, kettle bells, TRX straps, rowing machines and more.  Plus you’ll learn new exercises and workouts so that you can continue to get great workouts long after your 3-week package ends.

Our Certified Nutritionist will be joining you on your 3 week journey too!  Stacey will help you by supplying you with a 3 week meal plan and being available to you to answer your questions in person, via email or text.

A $369 value for $159!  This is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Do not delay. This price will NOT last for long.  Call or text our nutritionist to sign up: 732-757-7944 or fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly!

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Biggest Weight Loss Challenge In Monmouth County

The biggest weight loss challenge in Monmouth County is about to happen again!  The 90 Day Transformation Challenge, which offers a $1,000 incentive to lose weight, only happens twice a year in NJ.  Our first challenge of 2017 begins April 1st!

Participants have 90 days to lose weight, burn fat, create lean muscle tissue, learn more exercises, master cross training workouts and change their diet and lifestyle.  With the help of Monmouth County’s best personal trainers and a holistic nutritionist on staff, the program is broken down into 3 mini 28 day challenges, with a reward given to the biggest loser at the end of each month.

After the first 30 days, $100 is given to the person that has lost the most pounds.  At the end of month 2, another $100 to the person that has lost the most inches, and at the end of the 3rd month, $1,000 to the person that has made the most inspiring transformation!

Since starting the popular weight loss challenge in 2015, Ultimate Fit Zone, their trainers and nutritionist have helped area participants to lose hundreds of pounds.  A photo gallery below includes some of the most recent success stories and the full program description, as well as more before/after photos can be seen on the official weight loss challenge page.

If you are interested in being a part of the April challenge, call or text Stacey ASAP as registration closes 1 week before the challenge begins.  Text 732-757-7944.

Before/After Photos of Real Monmouth County Residents who lost weight during the challenge:


Cindi Loses 17 Inches in Two Months!

weight-loss-program-monmouth-countyWe are in month two of our popular 90 Day Transformation weight loss challenge at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  We are thrilled to share with you the amazing results so far!

Our 10 participants have lost a combined 165.5 pounds and 99.75 inches since they started our diet and exercise program this past April.

For month 2, CindiAnne lead the pack with the most inches lost, 17.5!  Astounding!  Check out her dramatic before/after photos from just two months of the weight loss program that includes support from our nutritionist and unlimited group training with our personal trainers and coaches.

Not too far behind CindiAnne was Laura Cummings- she lost 13.75 inches!! And in 3rd place for inches it’s a tie between Katie meyer and Cindy Otero – they both lost 10.5 inches.

As far as pounds go, Phil Martinez is still leading the way with 27.4 pounds lost, next comes Art Viaud with 23 and the Jen Viaud with 18.

We are now just weeks away from finalizing the 90 day Transformation weight loss program!  Everyone has done an amazing job of working hard at the Ultimate Fit Zone gym in Ocean and sticking to healthy eating habits.  Stay tuned for the final results!

Couples Challenge

***Next Couples Weight Loss Challenge Start Date= Monday, 2/1/16***

It’s the couples/team version of our 28 Day Fat Buster weight loss program!  Grab your spouse, friend, co-worker or anyone you know and get ready for 28 days of work!  You’ll be working out with our amazing team of personal trainer coaches for 28 days of high intensity cross training/boot camp workouts at our Monmouth Gym.  PLUS you’ll be working with our nutritionist and will receive our 28 day thermogenic, fat burning meal plan.

We’re giving you everything you need to succeed- all you have to do is sign up!

The program starts with official weigh-ins and measurements at our gym, Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ.  You’ll meet the coaches and our nutritionist.  All beginner level athletes will have a beginner coach accompany you to workouts to show you how to scale the workout to an appropriate beginner level so you get an amazing workout for your personal fitness level.  Couples/teams do not have to work out at the same time together.  We have a full schedule of  cross training boot camp classes for you.

The team that loses the most weight (combined between the two people) wins a cash prize as well as gift certificates to various businesses/services (please check with us as to what the prizes are as they vary based on when each program runs).

Couples Weight Loss Challenge Pricing

Here is how the pricing works.  If you are already a full time member of UFZ (full time member= you are on automated monthly billing) the cost for you to participate is $20.  So if two full time members participate together on the same team, the cost is $40 for the team.

If you and your partner are not members of UFZ, the program cost for the first person is $199 and your teammate/partner gets 50% off and pays $99.  So $298 for the team (both non members)- or $149 each.

If your partner is a full time member of UFZ but YOU are not- you get 50% off the UFZ full time member rate, which is $125. So with your 50% off you would pay just $62.50.

Register Now!

We are closing out registration on Wednesday 1/27/16. Please contact us asap for more info. You can text Stacey at 732-757-7944 or send us an email to

Amanda’s Weight Loss Success Story

In January of 2015, Amanda walked into Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County for a free trial class.  She weighed 242 pounds.  She had not worked out in quite some time.  Her weight caused her quite a bit of knee and back pain.  Her first workout with us was rough.  Although we scaled it down to meet her beginner level status, carrying all of that extra weight made it really difficult for her to move and perform the exercises.

She really battled her way through that first workout and we have to admit, we did NOT think we would see her back again because it was so difficult for her.  Much to our surprise, she sent us an email the next day saying she was going to join!  Since that day, she has busted her butt to get through the rigorous workouts.  After a few months she also started making small changes to her diet.  Weight started to melt off with all of her hard work.  Then in September of that year she decided to participate in our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

For the next 90 days Amanda continued to work hard in her cross training sessions with us and she followed a meal plan provided to her by our nutritionist. More weight continued to melt off.  Now, it’s one full year since Amanda started working out with us and she has blasted away 55 pounds!  Her knee and back pain has greatly decreased.  She is strong, fit, fierce and very capable of doing all of the exercises we do in our cross training program.  She has simply blown us away with her dedication and her humbleness.

Here is a progression of Amanda’s weight loss journey at our Monmouth County gym.


Winner of our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

On September 21, 2015 we started another 90 Day Transformation Challenge.  The challenge is our popular and successful weight loss program that sees contestants through 90 days of clean eating and intense workout challenges at Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training gym in Monmouth County, NJ.  The challenge wrapped up on December 21 and we are pleased to share the results with you.

Our first place finisher is Brian Woods.  Brian astounded all of us with his dramatic weight loss and change in his physical appearance.  He lost an incredible 34 pounds during the challenge and nearly 20 inches. In his before and after photo- he is wearing the exact same outfit.  Take a look at how short the sleeves were on him when he first weighed in.  After losing all the weight and inches, you can see how relaxed the sleeves are now.  They fit much better and aren’t bunched up on his arms.  Also- he carried the majority of his weight in his gut.  Just look at the difference now.  His waist line is trim- which is so important for his health.  Belly fat is one of the most dangerous fats and Brian is a husband and a father- we want to make sure he stays around as long as possible!

Our upcoming weight loss programs are: Jan 4, 2016- 21 Day Reset ( a cleansing/weight loss challenge), Feb 1 2016- Our 28 Day Fat Buster Challenge Couples Edition! (grab a friend, co-worker or spouse) and then our next 90 Day Transformation Challenge will be in April of 2016.  All programs take place at our Monmouth County gym.



Danielle’s Weight Loss Update- Before and After

Danielle came to our Cross Training fitness facility in March of 2015.  She had already begun her weight loss journey and was ready to take on strength training to improve her level of fitness.  Just one more after she joined we started our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge.  Danielle was adamant that she wanted to be a part of it.

She more than exceeded the requirements of the program coming 7 days a week to workout (the program requires 3).  She kept strict to her diet, not cheating ONCE during the 90 day period.  The results were that Danielle lost 28 pounds and more than 20 inches over the course of the 90 day program.  Now that it has been a little more than 90 days since her program ended, we wanted to give you all an update on how she is doing.

Danielle still does cross training with us at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  She still comes to train 7 days a week and she still follows a healthy diet.  She does have some occasional cheat meals but for the large majority of the time, she is eating healthy.

Danielle has kept her weight off, lost even more fat and developed lean muscle tissue over the past 90 days since the program ended.  Her latest photos show just how lean she has become.

Danielle’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos


Danielle’s advice for you or anyone wanting to lose weight is this:

One piece of advice is easy. It’s hard but worth it. You must know it’s not going to be quick or easy. We didn’t put the extra weight on or get out of shape overnight so we can’t expect to lose it and become athletes overnight either. Enjoy and acknowledge the scale victories and non scale victories and when it seems impossible remember your ‘Why’.

Join Danielle, Theresa and the countless others who have lost weight and kept it off through our customized diet and weight loss programs that are integrated with high intensity cross training.  All fitness levels welcome! Fill out the contact form on our website or text Stacey at 732-757-7944 to get started.

Weight Loss Updates: Checking In With Theresa

It’s been a little more than 90 days since our last 90 day weight loss challenge  (Apr-July 2015 challenge) so I wanted to give you guys an update on where our finalists are now.  First up is Theresa- our first place finisher.  You’ll remember that Theresa lost 24 pounds and more than 21 inches during the weight loss challenge. Checking in with Theresa now that it’s 90 days later you can see that she has kept the weight off and is looking stronger than ever!

weight-loss-challenge-momouth-county-njTheresa continues to monitor her her calories and focus on eating foods that help fuel her athletic performance not only at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County but on the hiking trails all over NJ as well.  Theresa is an avid hiker and likes to go on hiking adventures on the weekends.  During the week you can find her at UFZ 5 days a week!  Total commitment to her health and well-being!

Once plagued by super high blood pressure- she is now free of blood pressure medications and doing better than ever.  Like anyone else on their journey to being fit and healthy she has struggled and encountered obstacles and hard times along the way.  But she made the decision to stand by her commitment, fight through the challenges and be the person her family needs her to be.

I asked Theresa if she could give one piece of advice to those trying to lose weight, what would it be?  Here is what Theresa said:

That piece of advise would be “Determination and UFZ” in a nutshell that’s the key… That’s how it happened for me – woke up one morning and said IMA DO THIS (90 Day Challenge) win or win – can’t lose.  I was certain of that!  As long as I participated it was a win either way. So with Eddie’s tough workouts, Holistic Coach Stac and determination I began an amazing journey that I’m still on today:)

Our weight loss programs work because they are real world plans!  No restricting food groups, no starving, no hunger pains.  We teach you real nutrition- how to choose healthy meals and more importantly- how to prepare them yourself.  Our weight loss programs begin with a holistic approach.  How can we use food to better your health, prevent and possibly treat any conditions you may have?  Good nutrition can help high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Crohn’s, colitis, diabetes, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and much more.  When we align you with the right nutrition path to health- weight loss will happen as well. Join us.  You’ll have amazing people by your side.  We are here for your success!


Regina’s Weight Loss Success

weight-loss-monmouth-county-reginaRegina started her training and weight loss program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County in February of 2015.  She had been trying to lose weight on her own but was having some trouble.  After an initial assessment of her current diet, estimated basal metabolic rate and activity level, we redesigned a new meal plan for Regina to try to help jumpstart those stubborn pounds.  She started on our 28 Day Weight Loss Program, which we appropriately call the ‘Fat Buster’, and she has been doing great every since!

Regina never gave up although at times she was frustrated.  She stayed positive, continued to eat healthy and come to ZONE 360 boot camp training several days a week.  The results are what you see before you today.  Regina has shed about 25 pounds since starting our journey and she has become a more fit, toned, stronger and healthier version of herself.

We are so proud of Regina and all of the hard work she has put forth to better her own health.

Trish’s Weight Loss Success

weight-loss-monmouth-county-trish-before-afterTrish is an amazing weight loss success story!  She started at our Cross Training boot camp in Monmouth County not even a year ago and has been full throttle ever since.  She has taken the bull by the horns when it comes to her health and fitness and the results have really paid off.

Trish is down 38 pounds and has become significantly stronger.  She started training with us after a terrible lung infection and really battled her way through her first few months of training having to control her asthma and recover from her lung infection. To say she’s come a long way would be the understatement of the year. This woman has done EVERYTHING and I mean everything in her power to become the fit and healthy person she is today. There were times she was literally sucking on her inhaler during a workout but she pushed through regardless. She completely changed her eating habits, came to us for nutrition advice and followed it, learned everything she could about health, diet and exercise, portion sizes, calorie count, protein, carbs, plant based diets, fat etc and used all that info to transform into the person she is today. 38 pounds lighter and strong as hell!!!!


Don’t ever doubt that the power to change is all within you. Trish is the perfect example of that.

We offer fitness programs for all levels, beginner to advanced.  Don’t let fear prevent you from becoming the fit and healthy person you want and deserve to be.  With your dedication and our help, there is nothing you can’t achieve.