Barbell Workouts Are Superior For Getting Stronger

Ultimate Fit Zone, Monmouth County, NJ

There’s a reason why CrossFit athletes are some of the strongest athletes in the world, they do a lot of barbell work. Many strength training experts agree, if you want to get stronger, one of the best tools in your toolbox is the barbell. Compound lifts (multi-joint exercises) can produce impressive results, and traditionally they are performed with a barbell (as with any fitness training however, modifications can be made to work with dumbbells, kettle bells, etc). Compound lifts require work from many different muscles working together but moving in different patterns. This stimulates nerve cells, which is all a part of getting stronger.

A simple barbell push press will activate your legs, core and shoulders. Whereas a traditional press will largely activate the shoulders with some core. Not to say that one is better, they are just different.

For strictly isolating muscles, traditional movements are best, especially with dumbbells where each side of the body must do its own work and can’t rely on the other. For overall muscle training and working your cardiovascular system as well, CrossFit has the right idea with the barbell movements and cardio work.

At our Monmouth County cross training gym, we incorporate the barbell exercises into high intensity workouts that can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. The goal is to increase cardiovascular endurance, increase strength, fine tune skills such as balance and explosive power and of course, build lean muscle tissue.

It’s the high rep count of these cross training workouts combined with the intense cardio (jumping rope, rowing, running, etc) that really produces changes in the body. Combined with the right diet, these are the workouts that will start showing you results in the mirror much faster. You are knocking out strength and cardio in one condensed workout. I always like to add at least 2-3 traditional lifting sessions in each week as well, for isolated muscle targeting. This accelerates strength building and also muscle development.

If you are interested in trying a cross training program, please send us an email or text us at 732-757-7944. You never know what you can do until you try.

CPR Certification at Monmouth County Gym

Ultimate Fit Zone, a large boot camp fitness gym in Monmouth County, is hosting a CPR Certification course on Saturday April 13, 2019 at 12pm. The event is open to the public and the cost per person is $60 paid directly to the company. Your certification will be good for two years.cpr

Learn to save a life! SRD CPR Training is coming back to our gym to certify participants in CPR (adult, child, infant and choking) and AED. Be trained on what to do in an emergency and potentially save someone’s life. Parents, caretakers, fitness professionals, teachers, and even kids who babysit should be certified!

Participants MUST pre-register and pre-pay before the event. There are no refunds. For more information please call or text Stacey at 732-757-7944.

Boot Camp Gym in Monmouth County Moves to Large Warehouse

Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and boot camp fitness center in Monmouth County, NJ has moved to a new, large warehouse on Sunset Ave. The gym that previously occupied space in MiddleBrook Plaza moved around the corner and now occupies 3,000+ square feet of a spacious warehouse.

The warehouse offers a large overhead garage door that opens on sunny days, heat during frigid weather, air conditioning when it’s sweltering hot and many more amenities for fitness enthusiasts. With the move the boot camp gym has also added more equipment to their stock pile of gym favorites including more Concept2 rowing machines, expansive line of kettle bells, huge set of dumbbells of all sizes, more TRX training straps, a large rip that can accommodate 16-17 pull up stations, several squat racks and multiple bench stations.

Ultimate Fit Zone was launched in 2012 by husband and wife fitness professionals, Edward and Stacey Albert. Both long time Monmouth County residents. He is a former body builder with a long list of personal training clients that span from novice to professional athlete to specialized help for individuals with disabilities or movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s Disease). She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Personal Training, Cross Training and Pilates mat training. Together the duo offer results oriented weight loss programs, strength training regimens, detox diets and much more.

Monmouth County Boot Camp fitness coaches Eddie & Stacey Albert

Husband and wife fitness professionals Eddie & Stacey Albert

For more information about a weight loss program or their boot camp fitness programs, please email the gym or text Stacey at 732-757-7944.

2019 New Year Weight Loss Challenge in Monmouth County

We are gearing up to start our next weight loss challenge for Monmouth County and we’ve got 1,000 reasons for you to do it!  For the past 6 years, we’ve been transforming the bodies and lives of people all over Monmouth County who take our 90 Day Weight Loss Transformation Challenge.  This is a lifestyle health and wellness program- not a fast fad diet!  We teach you the tools you need to prepare and enjoy healthy and delicious meals in the kitchen while we challenge your physical capabilities in the gym.  Together with sound nutrition counseling, small group personalized training and a team of motivating fitness professionals at your service, participants have shed anywhere from 10-40 lbs over the course of the challenge!

Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is THE destination to make your New Year’s resolutions come true.  Let 2019 be the LAST YEAR you make a resolution to lose weight and get fit.  Because with the help of our 90 Day weight loss challenge, you WILL accomplish your goals.

We are starting 1/2/2019 with your training and diet program.  We need to get everyone weighed in that week or before then.

How it works/program fees

There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee.  In return you will receive weigh-ins, measurements, ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and your 90 Day transformation meal plan eBook from our nutritionist.

The group training fee is $130 a month for three months, paid one month at a time (not all upfront).  Your training is unlimited- come as many days a week as you want and work with our trainers on your physical fitness.

What about those 1,000 reasons to do it?

At the end of month one- the person that loses the most ‘pounds’ will receive $100.  At the end of month two, the person that loses the most ‘inches’ will receive $100.  At the end of the 90 days, the person who makes the biggest overall transformation (lifestyle, appearance, fitness, etc) will receive $1,000!

See some before and after weight loss photos of Monmouth County residents who took the challenge!

Questions?  Ready to join?  Fill out the contact form to the right or call or text our nutritionist RIGHT NOW to get started.  Text 732-757-7944 and talk to Stacey about the program.

CrossFit’s Angie Workout Raises Money For Monmouth County Non Profit

A successful fundraiser at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County raised over $1,200 for The Frances Foundation.  The fundraiser coincided with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Participants gathered at the Cross Training gym to battle their way through the infamous CrossFit Angie workout.  The workout consisted of 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats.  Smaller, shortened and modified workouts were also offered to cater to any fitness level.

Families that have been helped by the foundation were in attendance as were some of the board members of the organization.  Family members spoke about how the organization had helped their family during their darkest hour, when their child had been diagnosed with cancer.  Frances Foundation helps kids fighting cancer, and their families, through very dark hours.  Whether it be financial, emotion or physical support, the foundation strives to put smiles on the faces of children and their families during a time when it seems almost impossible to do so.

Below are some photos of the event:

Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training and boot camp gym in Monmouth County. Through diverse and varying fitness training as well as sound and results oriented nutrition support, the NJ gym caters to dozens of clients looking to lose weight, improve health, become more fit and athletic.  Training is available for all levels.

For more information please email

The Jersey Shore’s Best Boot Camp Workouts

Boot camp workouts in Monmouth County can be punishing, but they produce results. High intensity training helps fitness fanatics burn more calories, torch fat and sculpt lean muscle tissue.  With so many different boot camp gyms in Monmouth County though, how does one choose?

Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean Township makes it easy to decide which type of boot camp to try by offering TWO!  The Jersey Shore’s hallmark boot camp gym was opened in 2012 by sought out NJ fitness expert, Eddie Albert.  He combined his passions of personal training, high intensity interval training, CrossFit and boxing to create two unique boot camp programs that cater to everyone’s individual needs.  Both programs can be tailored to suit any fitness level and the gym offers excellent beginner programs for those new to fitness.

ZONE 360 is their Cross Training program that was born out of Eddie’s passion for CrossFit.  Ditching the heavy weights though, ZONE combines lighter weight olympic lifts with body weight movements, cardio and other fun exercises that challenge participants through longer, more endurance challenging workouts.

For those not interested in working with barbells, IT 360 is their circuit style Interval Training boot camp where everyone battles through up to 18 different exercises, circuit style, within one workout.  The format combines high and low intensity circuits including TRX exercises, isolated dumbbell strength exercises, kettle bells, cardio exercises including the Rogue Echo bike, Concept2 rowing machine, jumping rope and more in one pulse pounding workout.

In addition to their training programs, the Monmouth County boot camp gym offers Nutrition focused weight loss programs, led by their Certified Holistic Nutritionist.  During these programs clients can follow customized meal plans, participate in training at the gym and get one-on-on support from their nutritionist.

This success oriented combination of fitness training plus nutrition is why this boot camp gym is so popular and yields the most weight loss success stories.

Weight Loss Programs in Monmouth County

Our weight loss programs combine calorie torching boot camp workouts with real world nutrition programs for long term weight loss success.  Our trainers will guide you through cross training and interval training fitness programs while our nutritionist tailors meal plans to your liking.  We don’t eliminate food groups or give you bland recipes.  Our program is created so people can learn how to make delicious, healthy meals and also learn appropriate portion sizes.

For more information, please CLICK HERE to send us an email.


Memorial Day Murph Fundraiser Raises Over $2,000 For Veterans

The 2018 Memorial Day Murph Fundraiser  at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County for Unbroken Warriors has raised over $2,000 for the organization.  Unbroken Warriors is a local Holmdel, NJ organization founded by a combat veteran who struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder upon returning home from service.  After experiencing first hand how expensive and difficult it was for him to receive treatment, he set up the organization to help others manage their PTSD symptoms and regain control of their lives.

Murph is a popular CrossFit workout named in honor of Lt Michael Murphy of Patchogue, NY.  He was killed while on duty in Afghanistan. The workout, which encompasses a 1 mile run followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and a final 1 mile run, was his favorite.  Ultimate Fit Zone’s fundraiser attracted more than 40 people who came to show their thanks to America’s service men and women with a donation to Unbroken Warriors and participation in the workout in honor of Michael Murphy.

The Murph Fundraiser at the Monmouth County cross training gym will be an annual tradition.  In 2019, the gym hopes to exceed their collected donations and again support Unbroken Warriors.

Boxing Classes Coming to Boot Camp in Monmouth County

Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and circuit boot camp training center in Monmouth County, will introduce cardio and strength boxing workouts to their popular IT 360 program.  IT 360 is an interval and circuit boot camp program that takes participants through various strength and cardio exercises that range from high intensity battle ropes to low intensity dumbbell exercises.  The boxing station will add to the boot camp program’s already popular cardio workout.

Cardio boxing is an excellent total body conditioning workout that increases stamina and overall strength. Boxing can also help tighten and tone the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.  The core muscles also come into play to stabilize the body during punches and impact.   The boot camp gym will add squats, burpees and other exercises to the boxing stations so that participants utilize all muscles of the upper and lower body during this circuit.

Boxing Boot Camp In Monmouth County

Ultimate Fit Zone offers two distinct boot camp workouts, IT 360, as mentioned above, as well as their hallmark program, ZONE 360.  ZONE is exclusive to UFZ, created by the gym’s owner and lead trainer, Eddie Albert.  As a lover of CrossFit and a former body builder, Albert’s original programming fuses together strength exercises from barbells, kettle bells, body weight movements with lots of cardio coming from rowing machines, jump ropes, outdoor running and more.

The boxing circuit will take place during IT 360 which is Tuesdays 7am, 8am, 9:30am and 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, and Thursdays 6am, 7am, 8am, 9:30am and 4:30p and 5:30pm as well as Saturdays at 9am.

ZONE 360 workouts take place Mon, Wed, Fri at 6am, 7am, 8am, 9:30am and 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm (except Friday) as well as Saturdays at 8am.

For more information about joining, please text Stacey at 732-757-7944 or send an email by clicking <<HERE>>.

High Protein Red Bean and Garlic Veggie Burger- With Spinach and Hemp!

I’ve been light on food shopping over the holidays, so I literally have nothing in the house to make for lunches and dinner. I’ve been scraping boxes of pasta together and making some cream sauces out of cashews to try and come up with inventive dinners that don’t totally bore my hubby.  I’ve got to get back on track with food shopping- but for now, my laziness led to a new veggie burger recipe out of desperation to feed him!

These red bean and garlic burgers have a really nice mild taste.  To boost their nutrient content I added organic baby spinach as well as the world’s healthiest seed…hemp seeds!  I love adding hemp to burgers, salads, oatmeal…basically anything I can.  Hemp seeds are very soft and easy on the digestive system.  They are LOADED with healthy, plant derived protein, about 3 grams of protein per tablespoon.  More importantly than the protein though, are the Essential Fatty Acids they contain (EFAs).   EFAs are, as their name implies, essential to our health.  Our bodies need them to maintain health but we don’t make them on our own. That means we MUST get them from our diet.  Hemp seeds are an excellent source of EFAs. I add 1 tablespoon to my oats every morning as well as 1 tablespoon to my Sunwarrior Protein Shake every day.

So these burgers are gluten free and protein packed.  There is about 8 grams of protein per burger patty- if you use a 1/2 cup measuring cup to make your patties.  I topped mine with a little Daiya Vegan Mozzarella shreds and some Earth Balance mayo.

Recipe: Vegan and Gluten Free Red Bean and Garlic Veggie Burgers

Red Bean and Garlic Veggie Burger with Spinach and Hemp

High protein red bean burgers with spinach and hemp seeds.  Lots of nutrients, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants packed into these burgers along with fiber and protein. 

  • 1 14 oz can Red kidney beans
  • 1/2 onion chopped ((I like vidalia))
  • 1/2 cup Rolled Oats (plus 2 tablespoons) (Quick cook is fine, gluten free if necessary)
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 3 tablespoons hemp seeds
  • 1.5 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt ((omit for high blood pressure individuals))
  1. Add onion and garlic to food processor. Pulse about 10-15 times.  Add remaining ingredients to food processor and pulse until mixture is smooth.  You don’t want to completely puree the mixture, but you don’t want it lumpy either. 

Transfer mixture to a bowl. Heat a pan and spray with non-stick spray. While your pan is heating, use a 1/2 cup measuring cup to form patties.

    Cook burger patties for about 2-3 minutes per side, until a slight golden brown forms.

      Topping suggestions: Earth balance mayo, Daiya mozzarella shreds, avocado, roasted red peppers.

        Cross Training Boot Camp Can Help You Be A Better Athlete

        Being strong but slow in sports is not ideal.  Top athletes, whether it be running, playing football, baseball, basketball, cycling, etc,  all have one thing in common: they are strong and they can move quickly.  Being strong but slow in most sports isn’t ideal. Being able to produce force rapidly is part of what creates a top athlete.

        A cross training boot camp like the one offered at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, combines traditional strength training exercises with athletic performance exercises to create a diverse, multi-dimensional training program that can help athletes excel to the top.

        A comparison of a strict strength building exercise with a strength and force building exercise is the strict overhead press and the push press.  The strict overhead press is what many body builders and strength trainers are accustomed to.  It involves isolating the shoulder muscles to push weight over the head.  It is great for building muscle and strength.

        The push press is used in CrossFit and cross training programs to help build strength, force and speed.  The push press contrasts the strict press in that it calls on a larger variety of muscles (add in the lower body) to drive, push and stabilize the bar overhead.  This helps build power, speed and stability- things all athletes can benefit from.

        Developing this explosive power and speed helps athletes run faster, cycle harder, be more nimble on the field, duck and dodge tackles, exert more force and be more agile.

        Many of the cross training exercises in our Monmouth County boot camp gym are based on these principals.  We use a combination of these exercises plus traditional strength movements as well as cardio and body weight bearing movements to thoroughly work and train the muscles in the body not just for strength, but for speed and athleticism.  This program can benefit anyone looking to be more fit overall, even non-athletes.

        About Eddie Albert, NJ Personal Trainer

        Eddie is the owner of Ultimate Fit Zone and a personal trainer in Monmouth County.  He has a body building background with a mix of CrossFit and personal training.  He designs workouts for individuals of all ages and fitness levels and is the director of training for the boot camp gym and his 24 hour gym, Ultimate Fitness.  Both gyms are in Ocean Twp (Monmouth County).