HIIT Circuit Boot Camp Classes in Monmouth County

Our IT 360 HIIT circuit boot camp class in Monmouth County is a complete, calorie burning total body strength and cardio workout.  Work your way through circuits and stations that include TRX training, body weight cardio, body weight strength, dumbbell and barbell work, rowing, jumping rope, sled pushing, battle ropes and more.

Our trainers will help you get the high energy, fat burning workout you crave while our Certified Nutritionist on staff will assist you in pairing your workout with healthy meals that help you meet your goals.  We can help you create satisfying diet programs that include high protein/low carb, Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, Vegan and much more.

When you combine our HIIT circuit boot camp workouts with a goal oriented meal plan, you will see and feel amazing results.

Join the rest of Monmouth County that has jumped on board to lose weight, get toned, get healthy and feel GREAT about yourself.

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The Most Challenging TRX Class at the Jersey Shore

T 360- our own unique fusion of TRX training + our popular ZONE 360 cross training program – is one of the most unique and challenging TRX classes at the Jersey Shore. Each workout consists of suspension training on the TRX straps combined with the pillars of our cross training program which include strength, power, cardio/respiratory endurance, speed, coordination and agility.

Moving from TRX exercises which maximize core and body weight movements to barbells, kettle bells, and cardio exercises is really the ultimate test of your fitness capability.  But don’t worry- we welcome ALL fitness levels from beginners up!

For those of you unfamiliar with TRX training, the program was born in the Navy SEALs, to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The exercises leverage gravity and your own body weight to complete exercises.


TRX Boot Camp Madness

Every Tuesday and Thursday at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County we take it to the TRX straps to combine the best of our cross training boot camp exercises with hard core gravity training on the TRX rig.  The result is nothing short of an intense workout that incorporates suspension training, body weight exercises, olympic lifts, plyometrics and other strength training techniques.

TRX is one of the most amazing ways to work the muscle groups in your body like never before.  The combination of the angles coupled with gravity working against you really activates the muscles and engages them in a way you can’t always achieve with regular strength training.  Plus nearly every exercise performed on the TRX straps engages your core- helping you strengthen those vital muscles and trim away at that waist line.

This past Tuesday’s TRX boot camp at our Monmouth County facility incorporated a number of different shoulder and core exercises.  In between sets, we were on the turf for Clean & Jerks, Snatches, wall balls, burpees and high pulls.  It was an intense 45 minute session that had everyone dripping with sweat.

Below are some of the photos/highlights from Tuesday’s session.  If you’ve never tried TRX before, we invite to to experience our T360 complimentary.  Call, text or email for a free training session.  732-428-2111 or info@ultimatefitzone.com

T-360; It’s Boot Camp + TRX Training in Monmouth County

Eddie Albert is the Owner/Operator of Ultimate Fit Zone (UFZ) in Monmouth County and he is also the creator of T-360 – their exclusive boot camp training program that combines gravity training on the TRX straps with Eddie’s own ZONE 360 boot camp workout.  T-360 will take your workout to the next level – using the TRX straps, barbells, your own body weight, kettle bells and different gymnastic lifts to improve your strength, speed, balance and endurance.

You won’t find T-360 at any other gym in Monmouth County. This program was created by Eddie for UFZ members to get them in the best shape of their life.  T-360 is a part of Eddie’s comprehensive Cross Training boot camp, which also consists of ZONE 360- another amazing training program that will challenge you with Olympic lifts, power lift moves, kettle bell training, body weight exercises, plyometrics, gymnastic exercises and more.

Improve your strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and more at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean. NJ.  Our Cross Training boot camp programs are offered 6 days a week.  On Sunday we offer a cardio/strength circuit training program as well as open gym time to practice and perfect your skills in the various lifts and exercises we perform all week long.

Eddie is an avid CrossFit athlete as well as the owner of Ultimate Fit Zone and Ultimate Fitness Training Center in Ocean.  He began his career in fitness at the age of 18 in the body building industry.  He won the title of Mr New Jersey in 1992 and then started his career as a personal trainer.

For more information or to experience ZONE 360 or T-360, call or text 732-428-2111




TRX Plus Boot Camp = T360

A few shots from tonight’s T360 training.  T360 combines TRX suspension training with our popular ZONE 360 cross training boot camp.  Tonight we did alternated between the TRX straps and the turf, completing times rounds of upper body and core exercises on the straps with barbell, dumbbell, and kettle bell work on the turf.

We did TRX ‘Ws’, ‘shoot the arrow’, ‘v-ups’, and ‘super mans’ and in between hit the turf for deadlifts, renegade rows, sit-up-to-stand box jumps, and kettle bell swings.

If you’ve ever done CrossFit, you’ll be familiar with a lot of these exercises.  Adding in gravity training on the TRX trains your muscles in a whole new way, and really activates the core.


Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training boot camp facility in Monmouth County.  We offer our exclusive ZONE 360 boot camp, T 360 boot camp, HEAT and Plyoga training programs.


TRX + Boot Camp = T 360

What do you get when you combine strength training on the TRX straps with dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight exercises used in Zone 360 Cross Training Boot Camp?  T 360!  An exclusive training boot camp only available at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County, NJ.  T 360 incorporates several rounds of suspension training alternating with various weight training movements and body weight exercises that are used in Boot Camp.  The result is a calorie torching, fat melting and muscle sculpting workout that will shape every muscle in your body.

The beauty of T 360 and ALL of our programs including Zone 360, CrossFit, HEAT and more, is that they are completely scalable to ANY fitness level. In fact, members at Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean, NJ range in age from their mid-twenties all the way up to mid-sixties.

If you are looking for a fun, supportive and challenging boot camp in NJ, come check out our two programs; Zone 360 Boot Camp and T 360.

Below are some photos of T 360 in action.  Thanks to Melissa for being our model for the pictures! The photos show how you would alternate between exercises on the TRX straps and body weight/barbell exercises on the turf.

TRX Boot Camp!

trx-boot-camp-njHave you tried T 360 yet? It’s exclusive to Ultimate Fit Zone right here in Monmouth County, NJ.  T 360 combines our popular Zone 360 boot camp program with suspension training on the TRX straps.  It’s an incredible way to torch calories, melt fat and sculpt lean muscle.

One of the reasons why we LOVE the TRX straps and training on them is because ANYONE of ANY fitness level can work on the straps. Many of the TRX movements start with your feet planted on the floor.  Then, in different positions, you use the force of gravity to create resistance to the exercise you are performing.  By moving your feet further away from your body, you make the resistance harder, by bringing your feet closer to your body, the resistance because easier.  So you can literally control the intensity of many movements with simple adjustments to your stance.  Our classes contain men and women of ALL ages and ALL fitness levels.  That’s the great part of TRX suspension training.

Ultimate Fit Zone is located in Ocean, NJ — a short drive from Asbury, Long Branch, Deal, Oakhurst, Eatontown, Red Bank and other towns.  If you haven’t tried us yet, you DON’T know what you are missing.  Fill out the form to the right and come try a free T 360 or Zone 360 group training session. You won’t be disappointed.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  Imagine yourself slimmer, with more endurance and energy.  You’ll have more lean muscle, more energy and you will even find that you feel better overall.  Join us, you’ll see!

Mel & Ed

UFZ Owners


Benefits of TRX Training

Unlike any other form of training, the TRX Suspension straps are capable of working every muscle in your body, head to toe, in a comprehensive and challenging manner.  Originally developed to train Navy SEALS, TRX training has gone mainstream since being featured on The Biggest Loser, helping contestants melt fat and shed pounds.

The reason is simple: TRX suspension training offers unparalleled functional fitness, core training and calorie burning capabilities.  It torches calories, prepares and trains the body to perform at its highest level in every day activities and sculpts lean muscle.

TRX suspension straps are used by hundreds of thousands of trainers, professional athletes, physical therapists and service members from all branches of the millitary. It is popular with teams in the NFL, NBA,MLB, NHL and NCAA.

TRX Training for All Fitness Levels

The concept of the TRX suspension training is pretty simple for such an advanced training technique: you grasp two straps with your hands (or sometimes your feet) to partially suspend your body and use your own body weight as resistance. The muscle groups you work as well as how hard you work them all depend on the positioning of your body with the straps.  Which means, anyone of ANY fitness level can complete a workout using the TRX straps.

TRX works to strengthen, lengthen and develop your muscles as well as your cardio health.  You get a complete strength and cardio workout.

T 360 – TRX Boot Camp Training

At Ultimate Fit Zone, we have combined our popular Zone 360 Boot Camp workout with various strength training principals using the TRX suspension straps.  The result is a pulse-pounding, intense strength and cardio workout that is versatile enough to challenge the advanced and welcome the newcomers at the same time.  Remember, the intensity of a workout on the TRX straps is up to you.  You can make it more or less challenging based on how you position yourself in relationship to the straps.  During the T 360 workout, our personal trainers will guide you through the movements and show you how to align yourself with your straps to lower or raise the intensity of the workout.

Ready to try TRX training and T 360 at Ultimate Fit Zone?  Give us a call at 732-428-2111 or send an email to info@ultimatefitzone.com to get started.

Leg Day on the TRX Straps

Every Tuesday is legs/core day at Ultimate Fit Zone.  This past Tuesday Zone members completed a tough T 360 training session consisting of leg and core exercises on the TRX straps as well as a series of drills that involved sprinting, shuffling and Tabata abs.

Training on the TRX straps is low impact and easy on the joints.  Using your own body weight and working against gravity, your muscles are trained in a comprehensive manner that develops strength, balance and coordination.  T 360 is designed for all fitness levels.  Because we do sets of exercises in time increments, everyone can work to their own fitness level. For example, for the squat exercises (pictured below, left) everyone had 30 seconds to complete as many squats as they could. And then we repeated that three separate times.  This allows people of all different fitness levels to participate in the class.

Each exercise can also be modified to accommodate anyone with a previous injury to make the exercise more comfortable.  That’s what’s so great about TRX training.  It’s all inclusive to everyone. If you’ve never trained on the TRX straps before you are in for a great workout.  People LOVE TRX because it’s a great way to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle.


Squats and runners in the plan position on the TRX straps.

Experience Boot Camp, TRX, CrossTraining, HEAT and more

Summer is coming so now is the time to kick your training routine into high gear.  Torch calories, carve out lean muscle and blast the fat away with our high energy group training classes.

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Below is a description of the classes we offer at Ultimate Fit Zone.    For questions, please call 732-428-2111.

  • Zone 360 – A high intensity interval training boot camp class that will torch calories, melt fat and help build lean muscle in under one hour.
  • T 360 – An explosive strength and cardio class that consists of 3 components: TRX suspension training, metabolic conditioning (cardio) , high intensity interval training using compound movements.
  • HEAT – A high energy hour where you will alternate between intervals of intense cardio activity and strength training with weights.

We are in Ocean NJ, a short drive from Red Bank, Tinton Falls, Eatontown, Deal, etc.  Home to the original Zone 360 boot camp, the only boot camp that combines cross training with added Boot Camp intensity!