Nikki and Barri’s 28 Day Weight Loss Success

Nikki and Barri had great success on our 28 day Fat Buster weight loss program.  Together, these sisters lost a combined 24.5 pounds and 16 inches! The 28 day weight loss program offers you a comprehensive meal plan, coaching, recipes and unlimited boot camp and high intensity interval training at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.

Don’t delay. You can lose up to 10lbs or more before summer!  Call or text 732-428-2111.

Weight Loss Program in Monmouth County

Zone 360 Boot Camp Helped Kelli Lose 20 Pounds and 2 Dress Sizes!

weight-loss-nj-kelliKelli was one of our first members, joining Ultimate Fit Zone shortly after we opened. She was a Zumba girl, but as you will read below, she was open to trying something new.  Remember, in order to achieve something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you never did before.  And Kelli did just that.  She continues to amaze us every week with her strength and perseverance.  Read Kelli’s story in her own words below:

I began UFZ in January and just strictly took the Zumba classes because that’s what I was used to. However, Zumba was canceled so I decided to try Zone 360 Boot Camp. At first I was very intimidated but I stuck with it and am now officially addicted! The Fit Club was an added bonus. Finally, support with eating the right foods! UFZ is a great place. I feel stronger and more fit than ever! My advice is to give it a try!!!! Melissa and Ed are awesome and really are supportive!!! It has been a life changing experience!!!

I am down two dress sizes. I have lost 20lbs and around 15 inches since April. I am toned and feel stronger physically and emotionally. UFZ has become a part of my life and I have met a great group of people who are there to push me and cheer me on.


For more information about Zone 360 Boot Camp and our Fit Club weight loss program, please email us at or call 732-428-2111

Judy Lost 20 lbs and Is Still Losing!

weight-loss-programs-njWe’re so happy for Judy.  She is a Zone 360 Boot Camp athlete and she participated in our Fit Club weight loss program.  Since starting, she has lost 20 lbs and knocked 30 points off her cholesterol!

Read Judy’s story in her own words:

I hadn’t worked out in years !!! I was a member of Eddies other gym (Ultimate Fitness)  a couple of years ago. I called Ed one day looking for some weight loss advice and he recommended I try Zone 360 Boot Camp. I went to a class and I tell you it was the hardest thing I ever did!! However– all the people there were so supportive!!! Another member, Marie, she was encouraging me by calling my name to motivate me (because I was so slow to finish–but I finished!). Eddie and Melissa and Stacey– everyone is so sweet and encouraging of one another.  All of the groups in all the training times slots are the same. You do not have to dress up, you sweat and hurt in places you never knew. And the results with diet plan (Melissa and Eddie provided) are FABULOUS!! I’ve lost 20 lbs + and my cholesterol is down 30 points since the beginning of March. It is a gym that you feel like you are getting a personnel trainer in a group setting. You work at your  own pace until, Ed yells, “Move it JUDY!!!!!!” I am doing stuff I never thought I would and love that my jeans fit again !!!

Zone 360 Boot Camp – It’s Worth Every Ounce of Sweat

zone-360-boot-camp-njLisa has been coming to Zone 360 boot camp at Ultimate Fit Zone in NJ for many months now.  She works hard when she comes, pushing and sweating through every challenge we present her with.  This past Labor Day weekend,  she realized just how much her hard work is paying off.  In Lisa’s words:

I ran into a guy this weekend that I used to date about 30 years ago.  He took one look at me and said, ‘You look amazing!’.  I thought to myself, every pushup, every sit-up, every squat, every ounce of sweat I poured in Zone 360 boot camp was ALL WORTH IT!!!


Living a healthy and happy lifestyle is rewarding on many levels. You feel healthier and of course, losing weight and gaining lean muscle are just added bonuses! Your posture is better and overall, you have more confidence.  That’s what we teach here at Zone 360 boot camp.  How to lead a happy and healthy life.  You will be stronger, healthier  and in the best shape ever!

Zone 360 boot camp was created by Eddie Albert an avid CrossFit athlete here in Monmouth County.  Zone 360 boot camp combines the best of Cross Training with calorie torching, high intensity boot camp techniques.

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Maria’s Summer Weight Loss

Maria comes to Zone 360 Boot Camp 4 days a week and also does IGNITE C2 1 day a week.  Since starting her summer weight loss challenge, she has lost 16 pounds and is feeling stronger and healthier than ever!  Maria has a slight shoulder injury which we work around in all of our group training.

Here’s Maria’s story in her own words:

It has been a long journey to become in a strong,healthy woman all of that has been possible with your help Melissa Saul and Edward L Albert and all the support I have received from my girls Janet Angerstein Baatz and Stacey Berlin-Albert all of you are wonderful people that i love like my family. You are very special in my life and I have a very special place in my heart for you. Since May when I started the summer challenge until today I have dropped 16 pounds and 4 sizes that is incredible for me because this is the first time in my entire life I feel so good and healthy. Thank you all for the love, the support, and the partnership that I have received from you. Love you so much.

Weight Loss In NJ