At Sixty Years Old, Boot Camp Keeps Him Strong

Monmouth County Boot Camp is home to more than one sexagenarian fitness enthusiast

Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County has a reputation for its punishing cross training workouts that include boot camp circuits and HIIT training sessions. When the workouts are in session, barbells are slamming to the ground, sweat is pouring off of every body in there and metal music is blasting. One might expect to find a bunch of 20 something year olds battling the workouts but the gym is home to more than a handful of fitness fanatics in their 50s and even some that are nearing or just hit the 60 year milestone!

Nick Falcone will turn 60 this August and has been a devout boot camp client at Ultimate Fit Zone since the gym opened its doors in 2012. Staying loyal to the Monmouth County gym over the past 7 years has kept him strong and able to fight off Father Time. Most 60 year olds could not dream of doing what Nick is able to do in the gym. Heck, most 30 or 40 year olds couldn’t! Cross Training is intense and combines cardiovascular exercises such as running, rowing, jumping rope, kettle bell swings, burpees and more with strength training exercises using barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells and body weight movements in one workout. Over the years Nick has honed his skills in jumping rope, pull-ups, Olympic lifts, power lifts, hand stands (yes hand stands) and more.

While many people complain that they are ‘too old’ for certain things, Nick takes each day as a new challenge. Excited to see what else he can do, always getting better and trying his hardest.

Pictured below, Nick Falcone push presses a 115 pound barbell above his head, jumps a 24″ box and swings a 53 pound kettle bell in his recent cross training workout at Ultimate Fit Zone.

HIIT Circuit Boot Camp Classes in Monmouth County

Our IT 360 HIIT circuit boot camp class in Monmouth County is a complete, calorie burning total body strength and cardio workout.  Work your way through circuits and stations that include TRX training, body weight cardio, body weight strength, dumbbell and barbell work, rowing, jumping rope, sled pushing, battle ropes and more.

Our trainers will help you get the high energy, fat burning workout you crave while our Certified Nutritionist on staff will assist you in pairing your workout with healthy meals that help you meet your goals.  We can help you create satisfying diet programs that include high protein/low carb, Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, Vegan and much more.

When you combine our HIIT circuit boot camp workouts with a goal oriented meal plan, you will see and feel amazing results.

Join the rest of Monmouth County that has jumped on board to lose weight, get toned, get healthy and feel GREAT about yourself.

Click to see our full schedule of HIIT circuit boot camp classes in Monmouth County.

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12 Week Ripped Girl Challenge

Have you aways wanted to be ‘ripped’?  Do you want to have a leaner and more muscular physique?  We are looking for women of all ages that want to take our 12 Week Ripped Girl Challenge.

  • We are only accepting applications from individuals who are very serious about changing their bodies
  • You must be willing to follow a high protein, low carb diet for the 12 weeks
  • Commit to training with us at least 4 times a week
  • We will take weigh ins, measurements and photos before and after the challenge
  • All ages and fitness levels are welcome
  • We work around injuries with modifications, don’t let that be an excuse to hold you back

If you want to be a Ripped Girl, please fill out the form below the photos for the 12 week challenge.  We will reply to you with details and pricing.

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Barbells and Babes – De-Bunking the Bulking Myth

There’s no doubt that the emergence of CrossFit gyms in Monmouth County has popularized the use of barbell lifts in workouts.  Where women once shunned barbells, now they are embracing them, thanks to the popular sport and the proliferation of women competitors that have emerged from its ranks.

Lifting weights was once thought of as a ‘bulking’ workout or things that just guys do.  There was always (and still is) a big misconception that lifting barbells or any heavy weights will make women bulky.  Any woman that has tried to ‘bulk up’ and become more muscular will attest to how hard it actually is.  It can take hours in the gym, an enormous amount of effort and heavy lifting and a high cross-training-fitness-classes-monmouth-countyprotein diet to accomplish even the smallest gains.  When CrossFit came around though, it definitely glamorized the idea of women being able to lift barbells and compete in such high intensity workouts.  Women began to see weights as a ‘sport’ and an accomplishment instead of seeing them as something used to become very muscular. And the number of CrossFit gyms in Monmouth County (and all over the country) began to flourish.

The fact is that lifting weights will indeed help your body create long, lean and sexy muscle tissue.  Combined with a high intensity workout and a sensible diet, it will also help torch fat from even the most stubborn areas of your body.  The result is that many women are left looking very feminine and sexy with lean muscle tissue, not bulky arms.

When women say that they have lifted weights before in the past and started to ‘bulk’, we usually explain to them that their bodies may have created lean muscle tissue from lifting, but because they had a poor diet with perhaps too many calories, too many carbs and not enough lean protein, they never lost the fat that was already there.  So lean muscle tissue was created but hidden under a layer of fat, which gave the appearance of a slightly larger body part.  Weights don’t bulk women, cupcakes do.  Let’s all get that straight.

Cross Training Gym in Monmouth County

Ultimate Fit Zone is a Cross Training gym in Monmouth County.  What does that mean?  We utilize many of the same barbell, kettle bell, body weight and cardio exercises that have become popularized by CrossFit in our workouts- but we are not a CrossFit gym.  We offer Cross Training as well as an HIIT circuit boot camp where we take a break from the barbells and focus on cardio exercises such as tire flips, sled pushing, battle ropes, TRX and more.  Members get the benefits of both programs to help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested in starting at a Cross Training gym in Monmouth County, Ultimate Fit Zone has an excellent beginners program.  We work with you to ensure your comfort and safety with very short, light workouts to start.  We teach you the exercises and help you perfect the form and technique.  As you begin to come more frequently, we gradually increase the duration of your workouts so that you are comfortable and feel in control the entire time.  Slow and steady wins the race.  There is a lot to learn and even more to accomplish.  You will feel so good about yourself and so proud of all you have been able to do and learn.  It truly is a wonderful sport and we are ready to help you break into it.

Our Nutritionist on-staff is available to help ensure you follow a smart diet to get the most out of your training routine with us.

Call or text 732-757-7944 or email for more information.




Monmouth County Circuit Boot Camp Gets High Intensity Echo Bike

IT 360 is the high intensity circuit boot camp fitness program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  Participants of the widely popular training program tough their way through high intensity exercises such as battle ropes, sled pushing, kettle bell swings and now, Rogue’s famous Echo Bike.

The Echo Bike by Rogue, also known as a ‘fan bike’ delivers a no impact workout, making it usable by almost anyone. Because users have to engage their upper and lower body, this exercise machine can work nearly every muscle in your body, effectively, in a short amount of time.

Boot camp fitness programs are known for their high intensity workouts, burning the maximum amount of calories in the minimum amount of time.  Although people say workouts can be ‘brutal,’ it’s the quickly seen results that helps the Monmouth County gym develop a cult following of fitness fanatics.

Training programs that include high and low intensity exercises in one workout have been hailed as the best fat burners and best way to lose weight overall.  Ultimate Fit Zone’s unique fitness boot camps, coupled with their nutrition focused weight loss programs, have yielded unparalleled amounts of weight loss success.

The small group training promotes camaraderie and a community-like feel, unlike a polarizing effect at some gyms where members are unsure of which exercises to do, how to do them properly and how to use equipment.  At UFZ, trainers monitor, guide and coach every workout so clients are always under a watchful eye.

IT 360 Boot Camp Fitness in Monmouth County

The Best Summer Body Exercise

Everyone is already counting the days until they will be in a bathing suit again at the Jersey Shore.  When this time of year rolls around, people tend to hit the gym harder, hoping to get beach body ready in a short amount of time.

Performing compound muscle exercises (exercises that stress a broad array of muscle groups that function across numerous joints in the body) is a way to get more bang for your buck out of your workout and accomplish more in less time.  While an isolated muscle exercise like the bicep curl only works the bicep muscles, a compound exercise, such as the Sumo Deadlift High Pull, works  many muscles including the biceps, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quads and others.

Compound movements like the Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) are popular in boot camp and fitness classes in Monmouth County. These workouts combine intense metabolic conditioning (cardio) with compound exercises to pack an enormous amount of calorie burning and strength training power into one short workout.

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull is a great exercise to help you get that summer body because it works the areas people often want to improve on the most- the arms and legs.  The deadlift portion of the exercise really strengthens the glutes, hamstrings and quads while the high pull portion works the upper body muscles of the shoulders, biceps and traps and also the spinal erectors, which rung along your spine.

This exercise can be done with a barbell or a single kettle bell.  Precise form is a must to ensure safety and accuracy when doing this exercise.  Below is a video of the SDHP in action.  It starts with feet spread apart wide, toes pointed slightly out.  The hands grip the barbell inside the knees, about thumbs distance apart.  A strong deadlift off the ground initiates the movement and then transfers power to the upper body which is responsible for the high pull- the elbows lead the way and the bar or kettle bell comes just under the chin.

Along with proper diet and exercise, the Sumo Deadlift High Pull can be a great addition to your workout to shape and build muscle in your legs and arms and get your summer body ready to hit the beaches of the Jersey Shore!

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About Ultimate Fit Zone

We are a cross training and circuit training boot camp in Monmouth County, NJ.  Our two programs, ZONE 360 and IT 360 are exclusive to our gym.  All of our workouts are written by owner and lead personal trainer, Eddie Albert.   He is a 40 year fitness veteran with a body building, personal training and CrossFit background.  Together with his wife Stacey, a Holistic Nutritionist and trainer, the gym offers intense workouts and nutrition focused meal plans to help improve health, boost weight loss and improve athletic performance.

Learning Pull Ups with Assist Bands

One of the things we value most about our cross training program at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County is our ability to not only give people an awesome workout, but we have the opportunity to teach people new skills, help them achieve new goals and make them feel good about themselves.

When people seek out fitness classes in Monmouth County, we believe we have something more to offer them than just a great workout.  The skills and new exercises you learn in our gym boost your fitness-classes-monmouth-countyconfidence, push you to do better each time and help you set new goals for yourself.

Learning pull-ups with the assist bands is an example of learning and mastering new skills.   The majority of people who come to our fitness classes have either never done pull-ups before or have tried to do them- but can’t. Learning to use the assist band (also called a resistance band) helps you do pull-ups by off-setting some of your weight to make it easier for you to pull your chin up to the bar. The bands come in a series of colors which progressively give you less support, making you rely more on your own strength than the band to complete the exercise.   At first, we start you with the band that gives you the most support while you get comfortable with the movement. After you master the first band, we move you down the progression to the next color.  We keep moving you down through the colors until you are able to do pull-ups without any band at all.  It is a process that doesn’t happen over night.  But, if you stay with it and keep trying, you will see results and progress sooner than you think.

Ultimate Fit Zone is a cross training boot camp gym in Monmouth County.  Our programs are highly varied- meaning you’ll never get bored or tired of the ‘same old routine’. There is no ‘routine’ at our gym.  You are constantly being challenged in different ways, learning new exercises, achieving new goals and getting an amazing calorie burning workout.

We offer excellent programs for beginners to help you slowly work your way up to full-length workouts.  We teach you the skills you need and work with you at your pace to ensure your confidence.

For more information, please CLICK HERE to email the gym. Stacey will respond to you shortly.

Kettle Bell Front Squats – Why Work One Muscle When You Can Work 3 or 4?

One of the reasons why people love our HIIT boot camp gym in Monmouth County is because we incorporate a lot of compound exercises into our workouts, like the kettle bell front squat.  In most gyms, you’ll find people performing isolation exercises.  So what’s the difference?

A compound exercise involves multiple joints and more than one muscle group. Isolation exercises are exercises that isolate a single muscle group only such as the tricep or bicep.   Because compound exercises uses more muscle groups at ones, they create the greatest change in body composition in the shortest time.

The squat is one of the single most effective compound exercises for lower body development (notice we said ONE of the…there are others but the squat is excellent). Squats target your thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes in particular, helping you to shape and define these areas. Because balance is necessary, squats can also engage your core.   When you add to that the weight of a kettle bell on one arm, you open up the exercises to working both lower and upper body muscle groups. The one arm kettle bell squat also increases your calories burned by using multiple muscle groups. So if your goal is weight loss or fat loss- you’ll want to add compound movements into your daily routine.

By resting the kettle bell on the ‘V’ that is formed when you hold the kettle bell handle in your fist up to your collar bone, you are also engaging your core (your obliques have to work hard to prevent you from falling over to the side bearing the weight) and your shoulder which is helping to hold the kettle bell up so it doesn’t pull you over.  So in addition to shaping your glutes and thighs, adding in the one arm kettle bell transforms this lower body exercise into an upper AND lower body workout.

Kettle Bell Front Squat

Our cross training boot camp in Monmouth County offers workouts that use both compound and isolation exercises.  Our ZONE 360 boot camp is where you’ll find HIIT workouts that incorporate compound exercises with barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, etc.  Our IT 360 HIIT circuit boot camp is where we isolate muscle groups more intensely.  The result is a comprehensive workout that burns major calories, sculpts lean muscle, greatly increases your endurance and ups your stamina.

Athletes, runners and cyclists will love the boost these workouts offer them and anyone wanting to lose weight will see that this is the best way possible. Multiple studies show that boot camp workouts are the best way to lose weight.

In addition to helping you through tough workouts, our nutritionist is on staff to ensure you’re following up your calorie burning sessions with foods that will fuel your weight loss and give you energy all day long.

Fill out the contact form on the right or send us a text to 732-757-7944 for information about our weight loss programs, boot camp workouts or nutrition plans.

Ultimate Fit Zone is located in Ocean Township:

1466 highway 35 South

Ocean, NJ 07712


Weight Loss Wonder: Boot Camp Battle Ropes Burn Calories and Fat

Expert personal trainer in Monmouth County, Edward Albert, talks about the weight loss effect of boot camp battle ropes at his cross training gym in NJ

best-personal-trainer-njAs a personal trainer and boot camp coach, Edward Albert knows how to create high intensity workouts that blast fat, torch calories and help build lean muscle.  The trifecta of weight loss!  If you’ve been to the IT 360 workouts at Ultimate Fit Zone, you’ve seen participants doing some pretty cool stuff like sled pushing, tire flipping, jumping rope, lifting dumbbells and of course- battle ropes.

These specially made ropes can challenge your cardio routine in a way that no other machine or piece of equipment can.  They can help you build lean muscle tissue, burn calories, met excess fat away, increase your cardio endurance, improve your explosive power and more.  Plus, they are a low-impact aerobic exercise making this a great choice for anyone with impact restrictions on joints.

Participants of the IT 360 boot camp in Monmouth County like the efficiency of the workouts.  Many of the exercises, like the battle ropes, work multiple muscles at once.  Tire flipping, kettle bell swinging and sled pushing, to name a few, engage so many muscles from head to toe.  It’s a nice change up for people who need a break from doing stagnant bicep curls and then moving on to isolate the next muscle.  Plus you can get more done in less time.

Battle ropes can work your legs, shoulders, biceps, abs…all you have to do is adjust your stance and rope movement to target muscles differently.

Text 732-757-7944 for a free IT 360 boot camp workout at Ultimate Fit Zone.  All fitness levels are welcome.

About Ultimate Fit Zone’s Boot Camp in Monmouth County

Four different methods of training, one membership at our boot camp gym. Now you can keep your workouts fresh and challenging.  Take advantage of Cross Training (Zone 360), Interval & Circuit Training (IT 360) High Intensity Interval Training (HEAT) and Spin (priced separately). 

Your unlimited monthly membership at our boot camp/cross training gym in Monmouth County also entitles you to one complimentary consultation each month with our Holistic Nutritionist on staff.  Get questions answered about nutrition, weight loss and more.  We have special support for beginners.  For more information about beginner boot camp fitness please give us a call at 732-428-2111.

Boot Camp For Seniors- Proving Age is Just A Number

When you hear the words ‘boot camp’, senior fitness may not be exactly what comes to mind first.  We think of boot camp workouts as ‘punishing’ and ‘high intensity’- the type of workout a senior citizen would probably shy away from.  That’s not necessarily the case at Ultimate Fit Zone.  Our boot camp classes in Monmouth County welcome people of all fitness levels and ages.

While we do run two vigorous styles of boot camp training (Cross Training in ZONE 360 and Interval Training in IT 360), we’ve had tremendous success in customizing the workouts for people with different needs whether it be from an injury, age, medical condition or just someone who’s looking for a great workout at a lower intensity.

Our client Wayne is an excellent example of how someone of any age and fitness level can participate in our program.  Wayne is proud of the fact that he is 64 years old and still working out with people half his age.  The workouts are tailored to his individual fitness level, but that doesn’t boot-camp-senior-fitness-monmouth-county-waynemean that they are easy for him.  He pushes and challenges himself the same as any other person would do, but he does it at a level that is right for him.  We are excited that he is participating in our January 2018 90 Day Weight Loss Transformation Challenge and continuing his work with us in the gym!

Here, Wayne is pictured doing one of our deadlift and burpee workouts.  He hit an all time personal record of 150 pounds for his deadlift!  We are so proud of him.  For his burpees, Wayne does a modified burpee using a small box for support instead of dropping all the way down to the ground.

Our boot camp classes in Monmouth County can be tailored to meet your individual needs so you can achieve your goal at a pace and level that is right for you.  Fitness is NOT a one size fits all solution. We are as unique as our finger prints and our fitness program needs to reflect that.

For more information about working out with us, please fill out the contact form in the sidebar to the right or send us a text message to 732 . 757 . 7944.

About Ultimate Fit Zone’s Boot Camp in Monmouth County

Four different methods of training, one membership at our boot camp gym. Now you can keep your workouts fresh and challenging.  Take advantage of Cross Training (Zone 360), Interval & Circuit Training (IT 360) High Intensity Interval Training (HEAT) and Spin (priced separately).  Scroll down to read descriptions of each.

Your unlimited monthly membership at our boot camp/cross training gym in Monmouth County also entitles you to one complimentary consultation each month with our Holistic Nutritionist on staff.  Get questions answered about nutrition, weight loss and more.  We have special support for beginners.  For more information about beginner boot camp fitness please give us a call at 732-428-2111.